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17221Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] On my way to CAMP JEEP in Wisconsin!!! + Help moving a TB to New Braunfels!!!

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  • Cindy
    Aug 3, 2006
      Hi Tanya,
      While I can't meet you to hand off the TB before you go on your trip, I live just a few miles south of New Braunfels and can help move that TB if I can get my hands on it.  I will be at the 10K-10 Way event on August 12th, so if you can pass it to someone that will be there, I'll be glad to pick it up and take it to New Braunfels.

      On 8/3/06, Tanya Phillips <tanyamp@...> wrote:

      I am going up to Wisconsin (hope it's cooler) on sunday for a week
      to work at Camp Jeep. Our company provides a geo-course that is run
      as a mini competition 3 days of jeep camp. 5 competitions in all
      with 5 teams of 8 people each racing around to win cool prizes.
      THis is our 3rd year providing this activity to Camp Jeep. I am
      hiring 3 wisconsin cachers to help out with the course.

      Anyways, I heard that one of the prizes to EACH competitor will be a
      Jeep TB, but I was told they were BIGGER than we've previously
      encountered. ARE the new green ones bigger than the white ones?

      I am wondering just how big these prize TBs will be and if they are
      REALLY TBs. I am just curious, of course I will find out soon. I
      am hoping if they are a REAL TB, AND they are different than the
      GREEN Jeeps just being released, I can bring some home to TEXAS. Of
      course depending on size, we may need some REALLY BIG caches to put
      them in, or I guess it just travel to events and get lost in an
      event cache ;P

      Hey, I have a TB that needs to go to New Braunfels and I keep
      thinking I will go that direction, but we are just too busy. Is
      anyone near me available to pick it up or meet me and get it moving
      toward some castle cache in New Braunfels? HELP!!!

      The guilt is getting overwhelming, but we can start moving into our
      new place as of today, and the big moving as of August 13th, so I am
      even busier for the next few weeks. AAAaaaaugghh, not to mention i
      won't be in TEXAS the 6-13th!!!!

      Thanks in advance for your help moving the TB!

      Gadget Girl
      SW Austin/Oak Hill

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