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  • Barry
    Jun 29 5:37 AM
      The wife and I did the Monster in 3 days.... we like multi's just
      fine. But there are so many caches out there. Like others have
      said, just be patient and we will all get to them unless new caches
      are being put out faster than we can find them which ain't happening!

      Barry (Doc Geo)

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Mary Beth Booth"
      <mbb2001@...> wrote:
      > That's my thought exactly! We placed "Lost your Marbles yet?"
      multi in the Slaughter Creek Greenbelt & about 6 people have found
      it. No one has been to it since April. I have another cache in that
      same greenbelt, so when I get notified that someone found the other
      one, I look at their stats. Oftentimes they have found every other
      cache in the greenbelt on that day except my multi! I don't
      understand it. It's really quick (3 stage and each of the stages is
      within a few hundred feet of each other). We spent a lot of time
      finding the redirectors which are not just plain ole film canisters.
      We stocked the final ammo can with lots of good prizes - Lignumaqua
      even thanked us for being too generous. And most everyone who did
      find it really enjoyed it. So I don't know what the problem is. I
      think too many people are focused on upping the smiley count & not
      just enjoying the game which to me is all about the thrill of the
      > I understand that people are reluctant if they don't know how many
      stages there are or the time commitment. But my cache write-up says
      it's a short, 3-stage multi.
      > Please don't give up on multis. Some of us are like BandA & we
      like multis. I have done their 2 multis & really enjoyed both of
      them. I haven't done yours yet not because it is a multi but because
      it's in Pflugerville & you can tell from previous emails that I
      don't venture north of the river very often. But we are planning a
      PFville run sometime this summer & will definitely try it then
      > Mary Beth
      > (emmy-n-sapphie)
      > .
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