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155432005 Austin Cache Awards (yea, we know it's a little late...)

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  • GeoMire
    Mar 31, 2006
      Here are the categories for cache nominations. If there are any
      categories that are missing or suggestions for additional
      categories, please email me.

      I will be sending out the link for the nomination page in the next
      week or so.

      -Chris (GeoMire)

      Most Physically Challenging Cache
      Most Mentally Challenging Cache
      Most Scenic Area Cache
      Most Innovative Cache
      Best Themed Individual Cache
      Best Themed Cache Series (2+ individual caches, linked by theme)
      Best Urban Cache
      Best Camouflaged Cache
      Best Night Cache
      Best Austin Showcase (cache for tourists)
      Best Traditional Cache
      Best Multi-cache
      Best Event Cache
      Best Mystery Cache (does not involve solving a puzzle)
      Best Puzzle Cache (requires some sort of puzzle)
      Best Rookie Cache (owner caching 6 months or less)
      Cacher's Choice: Favorite 2005 Cache Overall
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