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14902Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Question about muggles, traffic, cops, etc.

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  • Nick Silkey
    Feb 4, 2006
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      I have a micro hidden in downtown Victoria, Texas on a city street.
      The location is a little precarious as per this DNF log:

      "We searched hard for this cache until a nun opened a top story window
      after spotting us and asked if she could help us. Since you placed
      this cache between a convent and a police station, boldness is
      obviously your strong suit."

      So yeah, in between a Catholic convent and the poice station. Good times. :)

      On 2/3/06, Henry C <henrysnewemail@...> wrote:
      > I agree with just about everything you said.
      > Some caches are really out there, haha.
      > I looked for one on an old farm road, which would have been ok had it not been on a tiny bridge over a creek. Me and friends had to keep an eye out for high speed traffic. I gave up.
      > I came out from behind the Arts building at Texas State University one evening and found University Police checking out my car. He saw me coming out from the bushes and put his bright light on me.
      > I explained and he laughed with a confused look. Im sure he woulda thought differently if i didnt have my GPS on me. He said ok and that i could go back to looking if i wanted to :)
      > ~Henry
      > "John D. Mann" <john.d.mann@...> wrote:
      > I've been geocaching for about a week now - just found out about it,
      > or I would have been caching for years :) I know almost all of the
      > terms of the trade, including what Muggles are.
      > My question is this:
      > Some of the cache locations are insanely high muggle trafficked areas.
      > I have problems when thinking about when I should go on a cache hunt
      > based on the location. Take the following scenarios:
      > 1. On or near school grounds (as in K thru 12 campuses)
      > ---This scares me any time Monday through Friday, due to there being
      > ---kids at school. On the weekends, during school sessions, there is
      > ---also students and/or faculty roaming around. I don't want to be
      > ---made out as a kidnapper or something :(
      > 2. Near businesses
      > ---If they are open for business, there is usually extremely high
      > ---muggle traffic, as well as employees doing whatever they do
      > ---(for example: wal-mart cart pushers). Waiting until the
      > ---business closes, and then you raise suspicion with the badge-
      > ---wearing muggles as to why you would be there when they are
      > ---closed...
      > 3. On church property
      > ---Again, why would anyone be snooping around the church's property?
      > ---If they are closed, the pastor/priest/minister is usually only
      > ---a few hundred feet away, since most live next door to the
      > ---church. Granted, he probably would not mind after relating the
      > ---story to him, but seems like there should be a better way.
      > 4. On the side of the highway
      > ---Historical markers and rest stops are fine by me - it's very
      > ---normal for someone to stop at those places. But, there are
      > ---caches hidden in places where you have to park at the entrance
      > ---to a county road several hundred (or more) feet from the cache.
      > ---This is not only dangerous due to traffic and critters like
      > ---snakes, but it would seem to raise heavy notice from any DPS or
      > ---Sheriff's who may be passing through.
      > Any suggestions for me to consider or act upon or anything? There
      > have been several caches I have passed up on finding due to their
      > location. I had thought about entering the business first and
      > informing them of my intentions to ease any worry I might cause, but
      > then that also gives then the option of getting angry that someone had
      > placed something like a cache on or near their property. I wouldn't
      > want to ruin someone's cache placement just because I wanted to play
      > it safe :P So far, only one property owner muggle inquired, I did
      > tell the truth, and they were confused, but okay with it. I have also
      > decided that I would tell the truth to any law enforcement, of course.
      > I don't plan on hiding something like this from them :P Any of you
      > guys ever been hassled? How do you handle it? What would you give me
      > a heads up about, me being new to this?
      > Anyhow, I hope to hear from y'all. So far I love geocaching, and have
      > even just yesterday placed my first cache. I also bought the things I
      > need to place several more in the future. I feel like I'm addicted to
      > it, and have gone cache hunting every day since I joined (hope I don't
      > run out of places to go too soon!:) )
      > Thanks in advance,
      > johndmann on geocaching.com
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