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14857Question about muggles, traffic, cops, etc.

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  • John D. Mann
    Jan 31, 2006
      I've been geocaching for about a week now - just found out about it,
      or I would have been caching for years :) I know almost all of the
      terms of the trade, including what Muggles are.

      My question is this:
      Some of the cache locations are insanely high muggle trafficked areas.
      I have problems when thinking about when I should go on a cache hunt
      based on the location. Take the following scenarios:

      1. On or near school grounds (as in K thru 12 campuses)
      ---This scares me any time Monday through Friday, due to there being
      ---kids at school. On the weekends, during school sessions, there is
      ---also students and/or faculty roaming around. I don't want to be
      ---made out as a kidnapper or something :(
      2. Near businesses
      ---If they are open for business, there is usually extremely high
      ---muggle traffic, as well as employees doing whatever they do
      ---(for example: wal-mart cart pushers). Waiting until the
      ---business closes, and then you raise suspicion with the badge-
      ---wearing muggles as to why you would be there when they are
      3. On church property
      ---Again, why would anyone be snooping around the church's property?
      ---If they are closed, the pastor/priest/minister is usually only
      ---a few hundred feet away, since most live next door to the
      ---church. Granted, he probably would not mind after relating the
      ---story to him, but seems like there should be a better way.
      4. On the side of the highway
      ---Historical markers and rest stops are fine by me - it's very
      ---normal for someone to stop at those places. But, there are
      ---caches hidden in places where you have to park at the entrance
      ---to a county road several hundred (or more) feet from the cache.
      ---This is not only dangerous due to traffic and critters like
      ---snakes, but it would seem to raise heavy notice from any DPS or
      ---Sheriff's who may be passing through.

      Any suggestions for me to consider or act upon or anything? There
      have been several caches I have passed up on finding due to their
      location. I had thought about entering the business first and
      informing them of my intentions to ease any worry I might cause, but
      then that also gives then the option of getting angry that someone had
      placed something like a cache on or near their property. I wouldn't
      want to ruin someone's cache placement just because I wanted to play
      it safe :P So far, only one property owner muggle inquired, I did
      tell the truth, and they were confused, but okay with it. I have also
      decided that I would tell the truth to any law enforcement, of course.
      I don't plan on hiding something like this from them :P Any of you
      guys ever been hassled? How do you handle it? What would you give me
      a heads up about, me being new to this?

      Anyhow, I hope to hear from y'all. So far I love geocaching, and have
      even just yesterday placed my first cache. I also bought the things I
      need to place several more in the future. I feel like I'm addicted to
      it, and have gone cache hunting every day since I joined (hope I don't
      run out of places to go too soon!:) )

      Thanks in advance,
      johndmann on geocaching.com
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