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13424Camp Little Cachers

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  • Chris, Penny, Logan and Liahm
    Sep 30, 2005
      Hi Everyone,
      jepennx2 and I/us (cpnowak) are looking for volunteers to help out
      with the camp little cachers program at the 2006 Texas Challenge.
      Last years program was amazing and allowed parents to compete in the
      challenge when otherwise they would have needed to stay back with
      their children. The actual challenge part can be too rigorous and
      fast paced for some little ones and there are those children who would
      simply prefer to stay back and have a great time doing projects,
      playing games and interacting with other rugrats. jepennx2 was able
      to stay back with ms. dark as an impromptu semi-assistant last year
      and was very impressed with how things went. We hope to do as well as
      NTX did. Anyone that would like to offer input or volunteer, please
      e-mail me.
      cpnowak (Chris, Penny, Logan and Liahm)
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