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13414RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] video about geocaching in central te xas

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  • Kevin Mefford
    Sep 30, 2005
      Or a trip to a local event!
      MCP, do you know of any coming up soon??? ;)
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      Sounds like a job for Dragonfire, our most prominent teenage geocacher!
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      My name is Aaron Dubrow and I'm a documentary filmmaker based
      in Austin.  I'm making a short video about geocaching for a
      company called Apex Learning to be used in their 9th-grade
      Earth Science curriculum in schools across the US

      I'm looking for some geocachers in Central Texas who would like
      to show off their knowledge and expertise to a larger audience, and
      wouldn't mind having me tag along and film their experience
      (without giving away any secrets, of course). 

      I'm looking for someone relaxed on camera and comfortable
      explaining the basics of geocaching to a teenage audience.

      I can provide snacks, cold drinks, and a copies of the final video.
      All I need is for you to answer a few questions about geocaching
      and allow me to accompany you on a search for a cache or two. 

      If this appeals to you, and you plan on going geocaching in the near
      future, please email me at aarondubrow@... or call me at

      Aaron Dubrow

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