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1319RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Historical Marker Caches?

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  • Wayne Lind
    Jul 27, 2003
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      Let's carry this one step further. Last weekend we did two virtual caches that had NO challenge question at all. If I wanted to "cheat" all I would have to do is look down the list of caches in an area for caches with one or two no finds, and log a find for sometime prior to the no finds. If the cache has been taken, who is going to be able to dispute my being there. IF this game were all about how many finds you have and IF cared the slightest bit about it, I could double my finds in a week without leaving the air conditioning, and get away with it. Who would be the ultimate loser in this, ME and me alone. The entire argument against approving historical marker virtuals because you can look up the answer on the internet is LAME. Try another one.
      As for the 11,000 historical markers all becoming virtuals, that too is somewhat lame. In the 2 years that geocaching has been around, how many historical markers have been virtualized? 200? 300? Is it possible that at some time in the future all markers could be virtualized, yes. Is it likely, no.
      Next reason?
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      One question, How can you "cheat" at a game that has no beginning, no end,
      and no winner or loser?

      Just curious!


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