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1315RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Starnes Island Plans

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  • Grajek
    Jul 25, 2003
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      Look for a 6.1 blond girl with a 6.4 husband. A GPS around your neck
      can't hurt.

      If anyone can't make it at 9 I am going out a little later and we can
      get Big to pick us up when we call her. I will be going out @ 10. My
      cell number 658-7661 in case you are going to come late just let me know
      and I will make sure we wait for ya.

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      Okay, it sounds like this is really gonna happen tomorrow! Exciting,
      after last
      weekend's bust. So, a couple of questions for us not-generally-lakegoing

      What is the parking situation for the Volente VIP marina? Is there a
      parking fee, or do
      you have to pay the waterpark admission or anything? And...

      How and where should all of us newbies find all of you guys? Sould we
      just walk
      around like dorks waving our GPS receivers in the air, or would the
      captains care to
      share the names of your fine vessels?

      Thanks a bunch,

      -Jeff Kievlan aka peripatetic

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Megindler@a... wrote:
      > Yes, we are planning on picking up folks at the VIP Marina about 9:00.

      > GTBevo will also have their boat there. We may have too many boats
      not enough
      > cachers!

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