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12931RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Katrina has affected our Geocaching Colleagues

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  • Karen
    Sep 7, 2005
      Nurses are NEEDED downtown at the medical clinic they have set up for Evacuees.  I don't know who to contact but I heard directly from one of the Doctors who is in charge that they are very short on nurses and data entry clerks.  Aparently there are more than enogh Doctors. 
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      This is a forward from my neighborhood today:

      Here's some of the latest info on volunteer efforts in
      Austin. The volumn of donated items is OVERWHELMING,
      and volunteers ARE NEEDED, and will continue to be
      needed to sort. However, there are conflicting
      messages. The city website says no new volunteers are
      being accepted at Freescale Semiconductor's Ed
      Bluestein site (formerly Motorola), but that's
      incorrect. They are too full to accept any more
      donations, but they desparately need the stuff sorted.
      At the close of operations on Monday, Sept 5, they
      said they'd still need volunteers all week. I called
      211, and they said volunteers are needed 8am-8pm

      On Tuesday, September 6, 2005, at 09:58 PM, mrscaptainpicard wrote:

      I have a Game Boy Color, complete with a game that I cleaned out of my
      daughter's room after she moved out and it was going into a geocache
      with all the rest of her "junk".  (Watch for a new cache soon, and if
      she isn't FTF, she'll be sorry!)

      But I'm going to rescue it and donate it to the boys. 




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