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1236Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Historical Marker Caches?

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  • Grajek
    Jul 22, 2003
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      Oak. and Mizzu seem to have a lot of historical markers as virtuals. I think
      every virtual I did in those states where historical markers except one at a
      collage. There are also many Historical markers in Texas that are older and
      vurtuals, I am sure you can keep busy with the ones out there. I will try
      and gather all the ones I have done in Texas and close to Austin. The
      problem is I don't always log my finds so it might take an extra search. I
      think you can also look at my profile and see the virtuals I have logged to
      narrow your search for Texas and Austin. User name Grajek

      Hope this helps.

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      > My family is new to geocaching(since 7/1/03) and
      > loving it. One thing that really attracted me to it
      > was the educational opportunities. That also helped
      > justify the purchase of the GPS! Geocaching has added
      > to the excitement and motivation of finding cool
      > places, including historical markers. A little
      > education with the fun of the hunt.
      > I am disappointed that gc.com's attitude is that
      > historical markers are not acceptable as caches.I look
      > forward to traveling and geocaching in other states
      > and I hope some of the virtuals in other states are
      > historical markers as well. I think as an educational
      > tool, virtual caches are perfect.
      > Hmmm, maybe there could be a separate catagory for
      > educational caches ...
      > Kirsten
      > mom of TXHomeschoolFreaks
      > --- Wayne Lind <wlind@...> wrote:
      > > I have a historical marker just below my doorbell.
      > > It says "On this site in
      > > 1897, nothing happened." Can I post that one too?
      > > :)
      > >
      > > I am very interested in both US and Texas history.
      > > On a trip back from
      > > Louisiana one day I read every historical marker
      > > from the border to highway
      > > 290. While some of them were not terribly
      > > interesting, some produced
      > > information that was fascinating. I found an old
      > > church and cemetery on a
      > > back road that was as beautiful a setting as you
      > > will find anywhere in
      > > Texas.
      > > While I don't believe we should automatically create
      > > 11,000 new virtuals, I
      > > also don't believe we should automatically reject
      > > them either. As far as the
      > > challenge question goes, Jeff is correct, if someone
      > > wants to search for the
      > > answers and log virtuals that they did not visit,
      > > they are the only losers.
      > > Personally I would rather see the question come off
      > > the marker then
      > > something like, "Turn around and walk 30 paces. How
      > > long did you stand here
      > > before a semi flattened you?"
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