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1231RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Historical Marker Caches?

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  • K Murchison
    Jul 22, 2003
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      My family is new to geocaching(since 7/1/03) and
      loving it. One thing that really attracted me to it
      was the educational opportunities. That also helped
      justify the purchase of the GPS! Geocaching has added
      to the excitement and motivation of finding cool
      places, including historical markers. A little
      education with the fun of the hunt.
      I am disappointed that gc.com's attitude is that
      historical markers are not acceptable as caches.I look
      forward to traveling and geocaching in other states
      and I hope some of the virtuals in other states are
      historical markers as well. I think as an educational
      tool, virtual caches are perfect.
      Hmmm, maybe there could be a separate catagory for
      educational caches ...

      mom of TXHomeschoolFreaks

      --- Wayne Lind <wlind@...> wrote:
      > I have a historical marker just below my doorbell.
      > It says "On this site in
      > 1897, nothing happened." Can I post that one too?
      > :)
      > I am very interested in both US and Texas history.
      > On a trip back from
      > Louisiana one day I read every historical marker
      > from the border to highway
      > 290. While some of them were not terribly
      > interesting, some produced
      > information that was fascinating. I found an old
      > church and cemetery on a
      > back road that was as beautiful a setting as you
      > will find anywhere in
      > Texas.
      > While I don't believe we should automatically create
      > 11,000 new virtuals, I
      > also don't believe we should automatically reject
      > them either. As far as the
      > challenge question goes, Jeff is correct, if someone
      > wants to search for the
      > answers and log virtuals that they did not visit,
      > they are the only losers.
      > Personally I would rather see the question come off
      > the marker then
      > something like, "Turn around and walk 30 paces. How
      > long did you stand here
      > before a semi flattened you?"
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