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12190RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: obligatory July 4th topic

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  • Barry Watson
    Jul 1, 2005
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      naahhh...  we love the brits!  That nasty little revolutionary war thing is water under the bridge....  we love ya guys...
      and with a last name of Watson, I feel like England is my ancestral home. (Even though I've been told my Watsons
      came from Scotland...  lol....)
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      July 4th is a sensitive topic when you are a Brit living in the USA.

      Probably not a good idea for me to hang the Union Jack outside the
      front door... (how to win friends and influence people - NOT!)

      So - I'll be closing the drapes and hiding! <grin>


      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Holland
      <stomptokyo@g...> wrote:
      > So what's up with everyone for the 4th?
      > This is our first July 4th in Austin. They don't allow us to have a
      > grill here at the apartment complex gulag, and we don't have any other
      > plans, so I'd be interested in hearing what's considered fun (and what
      > might be good to avoid) on Independence Day.
      > Thx,
      > Chris
      > --
      > http://www.stomptokyo.com/

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