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  • Barry Watson
    Jul 1, 2005
      That's right Julie, let's get our priorities in order.....

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      Sounds good, especially if you have to miss Geekfest.  But what we really want to know is, ARE THERE GOING TO BE SNACKS???
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      Hello everyone,

      We just wanted to let you guys know that we posted an event, and hope you guys can make it.






      Geocaching 101 (GCPGD8)

      by AnthonyV, Ms.Teddybear, Moosiegirl, Outlaw & TreyB



      All Geocachers are invited to attend this event.



      This event was created to help all the new cachers in the San Antonio Area. We will cover the basics of Geocaching, as well as several advanced topics. There will be several long time cachers there to help and answer any questions. Some of the cachers helping with this event have been caching for years, have found thousands of caches, and are some of the nicest people we know! They will have lots of knowledge to share with us, so make plans to attend this event!


      Do you know anyone who enjoys the outdoors, has a sense of adventure, and might enjoy Geocaching?

      Feel free to bring them along with you!



      We will be covering lots of different topics, and have listed some below.

      (We will add to the list as we further plan this event)


      Basic Geocaching Topics:

      1. What is Geocaching?

      2. Basic GPSr Skills

      3. Basic Caching Skills

      4. Basic Outdoor Safety Skills

      5. Basic Features of Geocaching.com

      6. Cache In Trash Out (CITO)


      Advanced Geocaching Topics:

      1. Paperless Caching

      2. Mapping Software

      3. Caching Software

      4. Advanced Features of Geocaching.com


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