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1211Re: Historical Marker Caches?

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  • Will Nienke
    Jul 21 8:00 PM
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      There are more than 11,000 historical markers in Texas. Should we
      just post them all and get it over with?

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Mark Gessner
      <mgessner@a...> wrote:
      > I personally can't stand most historical marker caches. However...
      > Others should have the capability to post them and find them if
      > desired. There are about a hundred ways to verify a historical
      > that have nothing to do with what is written on the marker.
      > How about this for example?
      > "To confirm your find and prove you found the cache, put your back
      > the marker. There is a man hole cover 30 paces in front of you.
      > is the number stamped on the manhole cover?"
      > "To confirm your find, post or email me a photo of yourself at the
      > marker site"
      > "To confirm your find, tell me the number of hats on the group of
      > statues just 20 feet to the right of the marker."
      > "There is a webcam in the building across the street from the
      > Pose like you are a gumby or an egyptian heiroglyph and have
      > capture the image and post it."
      > and so on...
      > Again, if we had a local organization setting the rules for Austin
      > caches, this kind of thing would get voted on in that
      organization. No
      > one from Chicago would have an overruling vote in what we post as a
      > cache here in Austin.
      > -mark
      > aka "lowracer"
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