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1209Historical Marker Caches?

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  • Mark Gessner
    Jul 21 7:29 PM
      I personally can't stand most historical marker caches. However...

      Others should have the capability to post them and find them if
      desired. There are about a hundred ways to verify a historical marker,
      that have nothing to do with what is written on the marker.

      How about this for example?

      "To confirm your find and prove you found the cache, put your back to
      the marker. There is a man hole cover 30 paces in front of you. What
      is the number stamped on the manhole cover?"
      "To confirm your find, post or email me a photo of yourself at the
      marker site"
      "To confirm your find, tell me the number of hats on the group of
      statues just 20 feet to the right of the marker."
      "There is a webcam in the building across the street from the marker.
      Pose like you are a gumby or an egyptian heiroglyph and have someone
      capture the image and post it."
      and so on...

      Again, if we had a local organization setting the rules for Austin
      caches, this kind of thing would get voted on in that organization. No
      one from Chicago would have an overruling vote in what we post as a
      cache here in Austin.

      aka "lowracer"
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