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1206[CentralTexasGeocachers] Back to that event cache disapproval

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  • Candy Lind
    Jul 21, 2003
      I put in several more than my two cents before, considered saying even more, when things were hot and heavy about the Starnes Island "cooperative search" events, but I've had several discussions and rethought it ... I said I agreed with the admin about those event caches being disapproved, but until and unless the GC Gods come up with a written policy regarding events, I would not disapprove one unless they were planning something illegal, if I were an approver. That's not their job. They certainly don't get paid enough to make that kind of decisions!
      It's like several people said ... who is to say what constitutes an event cache, especially if there isn't even a written policy? If the main thing is to get some geocachers together, it is the basis for an event. Until the entire geocaching community decides otherwise, admins should have no say; they should just click the "approve" button and get on with other things. I just felt like I should tell everyone I changed my mind about that.
      On the other hand, there are other rules that are in place (actually written down!) that I strongly agree with, because this sport has become too big to go completely without guidelines. If there were none, it would be too easy for geocachers to be written off or banned from many places, based on the selfish actions of a few. I humbly ask that each of you consider the wide-ranging effect you might have on all the others in this group, before you decide to disobey or circumvent them. Thanks.
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