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  • joanwhistler
    May 4, 2005
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      Julie, you didn't list my excuse ... Hobbling around on crutches
      after foot surgery! Hopefully only a few more weeks of this and
      then I'll be able to get back out on the trails!


      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Perrine Julie-ra5686
      <julieperrine@f...> wrote:
      > Gang,
      > JNJWalla put a lot of effort into designing the Geobowling event
      that just got cancelled due to lack of signup. I KNOW first hand
      that everyone likes to make up their minds at the last minute, but
      if you all realized what a lot of effort it is to put something like
      this together, you would know that John and Judy deserved more
      response than they got.
      > I'm sure this was going to be a fun event, and I'm POSITIVE many
      of you were planning on coming but just hadn't signed up yet.
      > I want to make sure people who want to plan events FOR ALL OF US
      don't get discouraged, so I'm going to ask you to tell me:
      > What prevented you from signing up, if you were thinking about
      > I'm going to list some reasons, but I'd really like it if you
      would post a note with a brief message that would help us keep these
      events alive.
      > I don't know anybody to form a team.
      > I'm not sure how to play.
      > All day is too long.
      > I can't afford it.
      > I just forgot.
      > I was waiting until the last minute, but I was really intending to
      > Hiding something in advance was more than I wanted to do.
      > What else???????
      > Julie
      > Mrs. Captain Picard
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