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10525Georgetown Event - this Saturday

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  • Alex Alexander
    Jan 30, 2005
      Well we don't know how we managed it but we got TPTB to approve a cache
      event this Saturday in Georgetown.

      The cache number is GCMM9H

      Hopefully lots of you will be able to attend. As you will see on the event
      page we will be bringing travel bugs from the UK that wish to see the US
      and if anyone has bugs that want to come to see the rain in the UK, then
      this is the place to bring them.

      Interestingly, we were aware of Moosiegirl's problems in getting an event
      cache approved last November because of a lack of adequate notice (despite
      GC.COM having nothing in their guidelines about it), so we applied over a
      week before the planned event. Imagine our surprise when we got a note
      from Prime Approver who said "FYI, in the future, events need to be posted
      at least 2 weeks in advance." Like Candy said at the time. New day - New

      Soon you will have to give a months notice, then two, then who knows how long.

      Anyways, please come along on Saturday. We are looking forward to meeting
      friends old and new (even our terracaching buddies - no need to claim the

      Alex (&Kim)
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