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  • Anthony And Lynn
    Jan 3, 2005
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      Well guys,

      I looked around the TC.com site, and its seems pretty cool. I will keep my
      membership active and look around from time to time to see how its turns
      out. I see that it's a new site and improvements are being made.

      I will be sticking to GC.com for my primary source for caches, and I plan to
      go caching in Austin often. I was just wondering if you guys will completely
      stop posting new caches on GC.com, and if you guys will continue to maintain
      the caches you have already placed and posted on GC.com.


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      You do not have to be a premium member to download GPX files of multiple
      caches right off the site. However, if you want the text of the cache
      description and the text of the last several logs to be in that GPX file,
      then you need to pay. It is quite possible to go caching without the
      description and the logs. As for me, even though I'm out of work I had no
      problem scraping together $3 in nickels and dimes and pennies just to try it
      out for several weeks.

      A lot of these questions can be answered by just signing up on the site and
      poking around. It's OK, you won't be put on a GC.com blacklist... You
      don't have to revoke your GC.com membership to try terracaching, and you
      just might like it! ;-)

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Randell Pitts"
      <agfltmedic@y...> wrote:
      > Mark,
      > Do you have to be a premium TC member for this, or are basic members
      > to access? I'll admit that I have not investigated this yet.
      > Randell

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