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Tomorrow on WGAL-TV; last night's debate

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  • Jerry Policoff
    I want t alert everyone that I taped a segment with Ryan Aument this morning that will air on WGAL-TV tomorrow on the noon news. We ll definitely tape it and
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      I want t alert everyone that I taped a segment with Ryan Aument this morning that will air on WGAL-TV tomorrow on the noon news.  We’ll definitely tape it and if we can get permission will stream it on the web site.


      We did tape last night’s debate, though we lost the last six minutes.  We will also get  snippets of that up on the site.


      Tomorrow I will tape a spot on WHP-TV which they will air as a public service.


      We need to get more yard signs out there.  They are very visible in some neighborhoods and less so in others.  Let’s make them visible everywhere.  I have the signs here, so call me and I’ll get them to you and/or help you put them out.  We also have plenty of palm cards and a pretty decent supply of buttons (with the union bug).


      Thanks.  We are going to win this.


      Here is the article from this morning’s paper:


      41st candidates highlight differences during debate
      BY LARRY ALEXANDER, Staff Writer

      The two men hoping to replace state Rep. Katie True in Pennsylvania's 41st District met Wednesday in their only debate prior to the Nov. 2 election.

      Democrat Gerald Policoff and Republican Ryan Aument went head-to-head in a spirited, informative debate at Centerville Middle School, covering topics ranging from job creation and economic growth in Pennsylvania to making the state Legislature more ethical and open.

      The candidates fielded questions from a panel consisting of Millersville University professor Mary Sommar, Franklin & Marshall College student Katie Cooper, Cobbie Burns of the NAACP and Tim Buckwalter of Lancaster Newspapers.

      Asked about key issues facing the 41st District, Aument said the main concern is the one that faces Pennsylvania in general: job creation and economic development.

      He said there is a need to reduce "the regulatory burden" on businesses and reduce the corporate tax, which, he said, is the second-highest in the nation.

      Policoff said he believes a main issue is that Lancaster County is being underfunded by Harrisburg. He said county funding is based on a formula that is 25 years old. Because of that, agencies don't receive what they need to operate most efficiently.

      The county's Office of Aging, he said, is 48 percent underfunded, mental health is 52 percent underfunded and human services are underfunded by 38 percent.

      "We have a county with serious needs, and we are seriously underfunded," he said. "This has got to be changed."

      On how to make Pennsylvania competitive in a global economy, Policoff said the state needs to create a single-payer health care system, which generates "tens of thousands of new jobs."

      He also wants to promote green industry, which he said would create jobs in construction and engineering and close the "Delaware Loophole" whereby large corporations that do business in the state evade Pennsylvania taxes by reporting their income and profits through affiliates in Delaware and other lower-tax states.

      Aument disagreed on the single-payer health care system, saying it would lead to more spending and higher taxes.

      "The answer is allowing the free market to work and to invest in the private sector," he said. "We do that by reducing the corporate tax rate, eliminate capital stock and franchise taxes, and get government out of the way in terms of taxation and regulation."

      He said the state could become "an economic giant" if government "could resist the urge to tax and over-regulate" the resource-rich Marcellus shale, which runs under a large part of western Pennsylvania.

      "We need to invest in making natural gas profitable and invest in this great opportunity the state has," he said.

      The two men differed widely on education, with Policoff urging ways to better fund public schools while Aument favored greater choice for parents, including charter schools.

      The debate was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Lancaster County.






      Jerry Policoff


      1117 Wheatland Avenue/ H-4

      Lancaster, Pa. 17603

      Home phone/fax:  717-295-0237

      Cell: 717-682-4434

      Campaign web site: www.policoff41st.com

      Campaign Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerry-Policoff-for-the-41st-District/110996155608558



      Face Book Causes: HealthCare4ALLPA


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