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  • Jerry Policoff
    Governor Ed Rendell is pulling out all the stops to ram through his health care bill which he deceptively and dishonestly calls Cover all Pennsylvanians even
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2007

      Governor Ed Rendell is pulling out all the stops to ram through his health care bill which he deceptively and dishonestly calls “Cover all Pennsylvanians” even though his own spokespeople are admitting that it will probablly extend [minimal] insurance coverage to only about 400,000 of Pennsylvania’s approximately 1.4 million uninsured while doing absolutely nothing for Pennsylvania’s millions of underinsured.  He has managed to come up withj some funding which he hopes will help him finesse this past the legislature, and this e-mail his surrogates sent out today clearly is aimed at helping him pull it off. 


      Don’t be fooled.  The Family and Business Healthcare Security Act (SB 300 and HB 1660) is the only bill that will bring comprehensive, affordable health care to every man, woman and child in Pennsylvania (www.healthcare4ALLPA.org).  We need to act now if we are to pass single-payer health care in Pennsylvania.  The alternative is the Rendell plan which will leave the corrupt and greedy for-profit insurance companies in charge while leaving millions on Pennsylvanians uninsured or underinsured.




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      December 4, 2007




      Today, Governor Edward G. Rendell announced a major breakthrough in the fight to expand the access to affordable healthcare to every Pennsylvanian.

      Working with legislators, the Governor has reached an agreement to fund a portion of the “Cover All Pennsylvanians” program with the excess revenues in the MCare fund.  The MCare Fund, which goes to help defray doctor’s medical malpractice costs, is running a huge surplus, and these monies can help fund health insurance for those without.  Using the surplus will have no impact on the doctor’s receipt of MCare funds.

      It’s a good deal for doctors, and it’s a good deal for the uninsured.  But we need to act now if this deal is going to get approved.  The Legislature plans to go out of session in the next few weeks, and they need to vote on this plan before they leave.  If they don’t, the hundreds of thousands of working families without insurance will continue to go without this holiday season.

      That’s why it has never been more crucial to make our voices heard.

      Our representatives in Harrisburg need to do what is right and make quality, affordable healthcare available to every Pennsylvanian. We need to write letters, send emails, send faxes and make phone calls in support of Cover All Pennsylvanians. Caring for every Pennsylvanian is our priority, and it should be the priority of the Legislature, too.

      We’ve made it easy to make your voi      ce heard in Harrisburg. Click here to visit our new Action Center.  You can find out who your legislators are and send them an email or a fax. It’s never been more important to contact your representatives – and it’s never been easier! Please make sure to stop by the Action Center, write your legislators and take a look at all of the resources we’ve included.

      We need a cure to our current healthcare crisis, and the best medicine is Cover All Pennsylvanians. Not only will Pennsylvanians have access to the quality, affordable healthcare they deserve, those with health insurance will have their premium costs and out-of-pocket expenses lowered. No longer will Pennsylvanians need to choose between paying their bills or buying life-saving pills.

      Please take the time to contact your legislators through our Action Center, and together we can Insure PA Now!

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