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Photography Class

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  • Lisa Berry
    Hey all - at a friend s request, I am going to be teaching a photography class this fall. I m still working on details. Here is what I do know at this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2009
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      Hey all - at a friend's request, I am going to be teaching a photography
      class this fall. I'm still working on details. Here is what I do know at
      this point....
      1. We'll meet in person once a month. I'm leaning towards Fridays. I was
      thinking afternoon but I keep forgetting about the little ones I watch. It
      may have to be the AM due to nap times there.
      2. We will be meeting either at the church (Crossroads Bible) or my house.
      If we meet at my house, we may be able to do afternoons - we'll see. The
      meeting time should be only about an hour - but may be longer if we have
      more kids.
      3. There will be no cost to me for the class but there will be out-of-pocket
      costs - mainly for printing photos to discuss at class time. We'll be
      putting together a portfolio and possibly a photo display as final project.
      4. I'm leaning towards this being for children 10 & up. I may include Nate
      (who's only 8) but this would be an exception rather than a norm. I'm still
      not sure I'll include those younger than 10 (including Nate).
      5. I will limit class size. I'm thinking no more than 10 with possibly 15
      tops. Right now I have five names.
      6. I have yet to figure out if this will be a one semester or a two semester
      7. I don't plan on giving tests. ;-)
      8. I will be teaching the history of photography, how photos have gone from
      tin types up to digital, how film prints were made, etc. I have a pinhole
      camera we'll play with. We'll also work with a free on-line photo editing
      program called Picnik.
      9. Students will need access to a digital camera for class assignments. It
      does not have to be SLR camera but it does need to be digital.

      If you think this may be something one of your children might be interested
      in, just let me know & I'll put them on "the list." Please feel free to
      pass this on to anyone not on the CBC Homeschoolers Yahoo group, but the
      class size IS limited & I will give preference to those in the Yahoo group

      Lisa [luvtoskrap@...]
      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
      My Family blog: http://maineberrypatch.blogspot.com/
      My Homeschool Planner blog: http://mainefreedomacademy.blogspot.com/

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