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Upcoming Field Trip Opportunities

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  • Lisa Berry
    Before the weather changes, there are quite a few field trip opportunities coming up. All information for each is below. Some need to know if you are
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2013
      Before the weather changes, there are quite a few field trip opportunities coming up. All information for each is below. Some need to know if you are interested sooner rather than later in order to book them. 

      **Tour of the Colby Art Museum
      I'm (Lisa) trying to put together a tour of the Colby Art Museum for next month. The boys & I will be attending a 9:30 play at Waterville Opera House on October 29th (Twelfth Night). 

      I want to do the art tour that afternoon around 1:30. It would last about one hour. The cost is FREE.

      I need to give them a head count. If you are interested in attending, please reply with the total number (children & adults) along with ages. We will most likely break into groups depending on the number attending.

      If you are interested in the tour, I would like know by FRIDAY, October 4th, so that I can secure the date. Thanks!


      **Fort Western Activities
      We are going to run 2 different programs at the same time. A Day In the Life of a Fort Western Soldier and Holidays of Early New England. For the date of Nov. 15 (Friday) at 12:30. You and your child will need to sign up for a specific program. If we can get over 13 people for each program it will only be $4 a piece. (Adults too) (If we do not get that many then the charge will be different, but I am aiming for a good sized group to keep the cost down.) Please let me know if you are coming asap, the fort would like an idea of our group size! If you know anyone that would like to come please give them my email.

      A Day in the Life of a Fort Western Soldier

      The Revolutionary Era
      Grades 3 through 8
      Participants will learn about the life of a provincial soldier in service to the King during the French and Indian War (The Seven Years War 1754-1759). As members of James Howard’s Company, they will explore the cause and effect of this war which occurred before the American Revolution and experience the daily living conditions of the soldiers during that time. They will also learn about the mission of the soldiers and how they prepared to defend the fort.

      Holidays of Early New England
      Grades 3 through 6
      Participants learn the story of New England's early holidays and their development over time using descriptions, objects, games and music. The program is organized by the date of the emergence of the holiday beginning with "Thanksgiving" and ending with "New Year’s Day."

      Thanks Stephanie Rackliffe


      **Pumpkin Science in Freeport

      Wolfes Neck Farm in Freeport, ME

      Pumpkin Science
      Morning Session on Oct 22.
      $6 each

      We need a minimum of 15 students.

      Would live to book this ASAP.



      **Chewonki - Birds of Prey

      Guilford Christian Academy will be hosting Chewonki in Dover-Foxcroft on November 8th.
      There will be two sessions, one at 11 and one at 1.
      This will be held at the D-F Community Room at the Town Office building on Morton Ave.
      The cost is $8 per person. parents are welcome to stand in the back as room
      allows, if you would like to sit next to your child you can pay for a seat.
      This is geared towards grades 3- adult, there is a park right behind the building
      that you can use to entertain the little ones if you need to. The room is tight and
      there will not be adequate space for the little ones in the room.
      The sessions will be for 1 hour and it will be on Birds of Prey.

      Birds of Prey: New England's Majestic Raptors
      1 hour (grade 2 – adult)
      photo of red tailWhat are birds of prey? How do their survival techniques differ from species to species? This program compares and contrasts the special hunting adaptations of nocturnal and diurnal raptors, including their talons, their sharp, curved beaks, and their different wing and tail shapes. Students have the exciting opportunity to see three of our live, nonreleasable raptors. In addition to viewing these predators of the sky up close, participants also handle and examine feet, wing, and skull specimens to better understand these majestic birds.

      There are only 60 spots, if you are interested please contact me.
      Payments will be due by October 18. I will be taking names for a waiting list.
      Please share this information with your groups.
      Contact me at 207-717-7619 you can call or text, or email me at trishawhite@...

      Lisa B.
      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
      My Family blog: http://maineberrypatch.blogspot.com/

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