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Nature Study & Fall Classes

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  • singleparenthomeschool
    Good Evening! I know, it s summer and most of us are thinking about bbq s and swimming, not classes. I m trying to get an idea of the interest level in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2013
      Good Evening!

      I know, it's summer and most of us are thinking about bbq's and swimming, not classes.

      I'm trying to get an idea of the interest level in the classes I'm planning for fall.

      Here's the list. If you are interested in specific details on days and times, please email me at maggieraye@.... Don't reply to this post as I seldom check this email account.

      Around the World in 180 Days - Social Studies - Online and local/onsite

      Maine Studies - Online and local/onsite

      Natural Science - Online (Text won't be necessary for participants, I will be using a variety of resources. Most of it will be observation and research.)

      Nature Journaling - local/onsite - We'll be using Barry Stebbing's Nature Drawing & Journaling as a spine, but will also be using several other resources as we journal through a year. This can be done independently or in conjunction with the Natural Science class.

      And of course, I'm planning on continuing our Nature Study group, going into our third year fourth year. We're actually doing the group through the summer at my home in Camden. If you'd like to join us, you can email me for day/time/directions on that as well.

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