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  • Lisa Berry
    Hey all - I added more books! Free shipping is included or I can meet to drop off. Just let me know what works. I will be at CBC on Sunday. Also - I do have
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2013
      Hey all - I added more books! Free shipping is included or I can meet to
      drop off. Just let me know what works. I will be at CBC on Sunday.

      Also - I do have an album up with photos of each book on Facebook if that
      is helpful. It is a public album, so I will try to post the link at the end
      and anyone should be able to see it. Feel free to email me with what you
      are interested in.

      Here are all the new ones:

      *Simply Charlotte Mason Early Modern & Epistles Curriculum - literature
      based. Covers history, geography & Bible for Grades K-12. Included with
      this set are Stories of the Nations - Volume 1, Stories of America - Volume
      1, and Sailing Alone Around the World (all used in the curriculum). Very
      slight wear. $30 for all.
      *Simply Charlotte Mason 106 Days of Creation science guide. Grades K-6 but
      can be adapted for older. $10

      *The W.I.S.E. Guide to Spelling - used with the Spell to Write and Read
      program by Wanda Sanseri. $20
      *Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sanseri - $20

      *Go Science DVDs. I have two volumes. Volume 2 (still in the shrink wrap)
      covers Simple Machines, Sounds, & Weather. Volume 5 covers flight & air.
      $15 for both or $10 each

      *Barron's Painless Math Junior. 99.9% of the book is mark free (one small
      section has been written in). $5
      *Barron's E-Z Arithmetic (for older students) - no marks/not used. $10

      *Computer Science Pure & Simple Book 1 (grades 5+) $15 (I do not have the
      software needed.)

      *Apologia "Who Am I" coloring book - $5
      *Apologia "Who Am I" audio book (Biblical Worldview) - $15

      *Janice VanCleave's Astronomy - $8
      *Janice VanCleave's Weather - $8
      *Janice VanCleave's Plants - $8

      *Classical Academic Press: God's Great Covenant New Testament Book 1.
      Includes Teacher's Guide and Student book. No marks in student book. Minor
      wear from storage. $25

      *Grapevine Studies Teacher Guide for Old Testament Basics - $10 (uses
      simple stick figure drawings to teach Bible basics)

      *Math Play: 80 Ways to Count and Learn for ages 2-6 - $5

      *Maps to Color & Learn. One for Europe & one for North America. $2. No marks

      *VocabAhead. CD that has 1000 videos (works on MP3 players as well) to
      teach SAT Vocabulary $10

      *What Your Child Needs To Know When by Robin Sampson. Some warping from
      water damage and a mouse nibbled most of the back cover off. $3

      *Total Health student book only - $5

      *School Zone Seeds & Plants workbook for grades 2-3 - $3

      *Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving - a drawing book - $2

      *Christian Education Guide for My Fifth Grader - $3

      *You Can Draw Animals - $5

      *Purple Mountains Majesties by Barbara Younger - hardcover with dust jacket
      - $5

      *I Want to Know About the Bible - hardcover - $5
      *I Want to Know About Prayer - hardcover - $5

      *The Viking Children's World Atlas - hardcover - $5

      *Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Revisited - hardcover with dust jacket - $5

      *Games for Learning by Peggy Kaye - $8

      *Critical Thinking Book on CD: Visual Perceptual Skill Building for Grades
      2-3 - $5

      *Understanding Writing by Susan Bradrick - $20

      *Great Commission Language The Easy French Junior - grades K-3. Includes 2
      CDs - $30

      *Appreciating Art by Christian Liberty Press. Reproducibles have been
      removed but are all there. $5

      And these are the ones I still have left from the previous listing:

      *Reading Strands - 1995 edition - $3

      *Rod & Staff Grade 3 Math (Teacher & Student books) - $10
      *Rod & Staff Grade 3 Math blacklines and answer key. I will include
      this free with the purchase of the teacher/student books.
      *Rod & Staff Grade 2 Math - Teacher Manuals - $10

      *Streams of Civilization - Volume One - $8
      *Streams of Civilization - Volume Two - $5

      *Math-U-See Zeta - Teacher Manual only - $5
      *Math-U-See Beta - Teacher Manual only - $5
      *Math-U-See Alpha - Teacher Manual & DVD - $20

      *Abeka Biology - softcover student text, Field & Lab Manual (free of
      all marks), and test book - $10
      *Abeka History of the World in Christian Perspective - $5

      *All About Spelling Level 2 - Teacher Manual, Who Am I? reader, and
      brand new Student Material pack still in wrappings - $25
      *All About Spelling Level 1 - Teacher Manual and Student Materials -
      already separated and in a file box. $20
      **Please note:I AM MISSING the "spelling interactive kit" - it was
      misplaced in our recent move. You can purchase this item separately
      (links below) and I do recommend getting a set of magnets.

      *Keyboard Classroom - typing program - one license and "guides" are
      included www.keyboardclassroom.com Never used - $25

      *The Sign of the Beaver - hardcover - $2

      *Light Speed Math: Number Crunching (DVD)- $7
      *Light Speed Chemistry: AP Test Prep (DVD)- $7

      *Moody Science DVD Red River of Life (still in shrink wrap) - $5
      *Moody Science DVD God of Creation - $4
      *Moody Science DVD Where the Waters Run - $4
      *Moody Science DVD Journey of Life - $4
      *Moody Science DVD Windows of the Soul - $4

      *Bridgeway Math book: Math Foundations - brand new/no marks - $17

      *Learning Language Arts Through Literature Red Book (Grade 2). $40
      Included are: Teacher Book, Student book (first three lessons
      completed) and all LLATL exclusive Readers. Everything that is
      pictured here: http://bit.ly/Zadw78
      *Learning Language Arts Through Literature Green Book (Grade 7). $10 *PENDING*
      Included are: Teacher book & student activity book. First 10 lessons
      completed in student book.

      *You Can Learn Sign Language - $3 (http://amzn.to/ZafFzH)

      *Money Matters: Family Night Tool Chest - $5

      *American Educator Publishers Grade 2 book - brand new - no marks - $5
      *180 Days of Math for Second Grade (first three days done) - $10

      *Simply Charlotte Mason Modern Times, Epistles, and Revelations. It
      covers history, geography & Bible for grades 1-12. It is a literature
      based study and included is Sonya Shafer's Stories of America Volume
      2. Both are brand new - never used. $20

      Lisa B.
      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
      My Family blog: http://maineberrypatch.blogspot.com/
      My Homeschool Planner blog: http://mainefreedomacademy.blogspot.com/

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