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702Field Trip opportunity to Willowbrook

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  • Lisa Berry
    Sep 2, 2010
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      *** I AM NOT COORDINATING THIS. I am simply passing along information. We
      went to Willowbrook about 3 years ago and I HIGHLY recommend it. Those in
      the co-op - this would be a PERFECT trip to take for Maine studies!!!!! ****

      *Willow Brook Field trip*

      *Newfield**, **ME***

      *September 30, 2010***

      *$5 per person (including adults)*

      Hello I have set up a field trip to Willow Brook in Newfield, ME on Sept 30
      at 1 pm. They do have a web site that u can visit if you've never heard of
      it.http://www.willowbrookmuseum.org/ The fee is 5/pp including adults.
      They do have picnic tables if u would like to pack a lunch to have before
      the tour. They do have a dinner but it can only hold so many people at one
      time-- please see the forwarded email below!

      If u would like to go on this field trip please let me know asap the space
      is limited to 50 people children and adults! So it is first email first on
      the list sort of thing! Hope u can join us!! My email is

      Thanks BrenDay + gang


      I can only provide 2 guides that day--so that limits the numbers--that
      and the number of people that can fit into one of our houses at a
      time. I would say 50 is max.

      You need to tell me the age range and numbers in those age ranges
      before I can answer your question about where the break would be--just
      keep in mind--no more than 25 (adults and students) in a group.

      We cannot accommodate 50 people ordering off the menu at our Sandwich
      Shop at one time. When we have adult group tours who want lunch we
      provide them with a specific lunch so we can handle the numbers. If
      about a dozen people wanted to order off the menu at lunchtime, that
      would work--but we STRONGLY encourage school groups to pack a lunch.

      Depending on what time you plan to arrive, we will either have lunch
      at the end of the tour or in the middle.

      The $5 fee is for the tour only to cover wages and other expenses.

      If anyone wishes to stay after the tour and go through the museum,
      they will need to pay an additional admission fee ($4 students; under
      free; adults $9)--but I prefer not to have school groups touring on
      their own--this has resulted in some damage in the past--no matter how
      good a group is--it just doesn't work for us.


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