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575RE: [CBChomeschoolersME] Wednesday June 2nd - Last Co-op Party

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  • Elizabeth Caruso
    Jun 1, 2010
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      If this is like geocashing...Northern has that too.


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      Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there Wednesday because I have to
      work. Something that the Kelleys and the Woosters have done together in the
      past is Letterboxing. If you are unfamiliar, you can go to
      www.letterboxing.org. Ashley and I thought that this might be a fun summer
      activity. There is a whole series along the Good Will-Hinckley trails. There
      is also a lot in Skowhegan and Farmington. It's a great way to become a
      little more familiar with our communities and it is also great exercise.

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      Subject: [CBChomeschoolersME] Wednesday June 2nd - Last Co-op Party

      Hello Everyone!

      This Wednesday will be the last homeschooling co-op for this school year.
      We're hoping to have a relaxed day with the kids. We're asking each family
      to bring some type of snack to share with the others to celebrate the end of
      the school year. If it is sunny, we would like to have the kids outside for
      the majority of the morning either playing games or letting them play freely
      on the playground.

      Lisa and I were hoping that us moms could sit at a picnic table and try "our
      best" to discuss outings for this summer and maybe even discuss next school
      year. I know some of you won't be able to attend both MOPS and the picnic
      table time, but I will make sure to email everything we discuss during that
      time. If you can't be there but have some suggestions for summer outings,
      please let me know.

      See you all on Wednesday.


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