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48Maine State Museum Field Trip

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  • Lisa Berry
    Jul 8, 2009
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      I am NOT putting this together. You will need to contact Hope to sign up.
      Her e-mail address is: hmcooley76@...

      I (Hope) am organizing a field trip to the Maine State Museum. The dates
      are tentative, with July 28th being my primary choice. I will let everyone
      interested know when I have a confirmation date.

      When: July 27, 28, 29 (final date TBA) 9a-2p with 40 minute lunch
      Where: Maine State Museum
      Cost: No admission
      I have given them a tentative number of 50 people (including children and
      chaperones) in attendance. I did not request a tour of the State House or
      the Blaine House, but if there is enough interest, I can do so.

      Below are the activities I have requested - only 15 children can attend each
      activity at a time, so I will fill them on a first come, first reserved
      basis. I am not sure yet if all of these will be available or not.

      If you are interested in attending, please email me offlist with the
      following information:
      Parents Name:
      Children attending and ages/grades:
      Which activities are the children interested in?

      Arrowhead Making (2-12)
      An opportunity for participants to make their own arrowhead using antlers
      and stone. They will also take part in a discussion on the arrival of the
      first peoples in Maine.

      Relief Rubbings (K-8)
      Participants will be able to interpret possible meanings of symbols from two
      petroglyph sites in Maine. They will be able to create their own rubbings
      using casts from both sites.

      Life Under a Log: Maine Reptiles and Amphibians (K-8)
      In this program, students will examine characteristics of specific reptiles
      and amphibians found in Maine. They will then be encouraged to compare and
      contrast these characteristics to those of other Maine animals.

      Life in a Tide Pool (K-8)
      This program provides an opportunity for students to examine some of the
      inhabitants of a tidal pool using preserved specimens and the coastal scene
      of the natural environment area.

      Mammals Large and Small (K-8)
      Students will discuss the characteristics that define a mammal. They will
      then discuss how these characteristics are different from and similar to
      other animals.

      Water Power in Maine (3-12)
      The program looks at how water power helped shape Maine's past. It also
      gives students an opportunity to examine how power is transferred, by
      observing a water-powered mill.

      Hope Cooley


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