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1802Family Adventure Weekend Deadlines

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  • singleparenthomeschool
    May 27, 2014

      This will be Homeschoolers of Maine's second annual Adventure Weekend, in the beautiful western mountains of Maine.  Deadlines are quickly approaching.

      May 30 is the deadline to register for the Sunday River Adventure Package on Friday, June 13.  This is the package that includes the ziplines!  We need a minimum number of folks registered to be able to offer this package!  Be sure to get your registration in, if you don't want to miss out!!

      June 4 is the deadline to register for all other events on Thursday (including the Free Tools for Leadership Training sessions, and Creation Care Camp for the kids) and Friday (including workshops on Mushing, bear rehabilitation, logging stories, marine touch tank and a chance to be swallowed by a whale).  These are things you just don't want to miss out on.  

      This is a great end of the year field trip for the whole family.  For specific details on events and for registeration information, please visit the HOME website at:  HOME Family Adventure Weekend 2014