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1800Learning Opportunities!!

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  • alogan207
    May 23, 2014
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      Hello My name is Andrea and I am nontraditional educator who is following my lifelong dream of sharing my passion for learning by teaching others.
      I have been a teacher in the public sector for 10 years and the longer I am in the public school setting the longer I want to get out!  The issue is that  I need to make an income to help support my family without giving up my love of teaching.  This is where Confidence Academy was born!  I have started an adventure-based learning center in Windham, Maine where I will offer classes, adventures, seminars, field trips etc. that promote and encourage real-life learning for children of all ages. 

      I would like to invite you to join my Confidence Academy Meet-up Group to see all of the learning events that I am offering this summer.  If you go to meetup.com and search for Confidence Academy: Learn, Lead, Exceed you will find us!

      I also have a facebook page called Confidence Academy where you can get up to date info on events, happenings and more.

      We are currently holding a fundraiser to get funds to open a physical location in Windham.  There is a widget on my blog with info on that too if you find Confidence Academy matches your values as a parent :)

      Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

      Andrea Logan, Ms Ed

      Confidence Academy, Founder

      Learn, Lead, Exceed!