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1716Fwd: Monday, April 14th - Concord/Lexington Field Trip

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  • Lisa Berry
    Jan 14, 2014
      Hello all! My friend, Nancy Griggs, is planning an AMAZING field trip to Massachusetts in April. She is still working on the details, but I wanted to forward this email so you could express interest in learning more. Please direct all questions to Nancy and if you are at all interested, please let her know soon! This doesn't mean you have to commit completely at this point, but it will help her plan. Right now she is really hoping to book a "Cyr-like" bus for the majority of folks to ride down in. If that happens, it will also do all the driving while there!

      Day #1 - All the details for this day are below.

      Day #2 - the plan is to do the Freedom Trail and then the Aquarium in the afternoon.

      Day #3 - the plan is to do the Science Museum and a Duck Tour

      Please direct all questions/sign-ups to: Nancy Grigg bnkgrigg@...

      I'm going to actually insert the original email that will have more info. This may seem like a REALLY long email but all the information is here. 

      BELOW the Monday details below - I am going to add the "working email" with info on the bus and hotel costs. PLEASE read the ENTIRE email before sending questions or Nancy. :-) Thanks!

      Lisa B.
      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
      My Family blog: http://maineberrypatch.blogspot.com/

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      From: Nancy Grigg <bnkgrigg@...>
      Date: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 1:31 PM
      Subject: Monday, April 14th - Concord/Lexington Field Trip
      To: bnkgrigg@...

      Hi all!

      With regard to the Revolutionary War field trip, scheduled for Monday, April 14th through Wednesday, April 16th, below please find a possible itinerary for Monday, April 14th.  If you are interested, please let me know what you think.  I will also follow up with a possible itinerary for Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are interested I can send you information about the bus and/or hotel options.

      Here is a link for a map of the Concord/Lexington area, which includes the Lexington Battle Green, Minute Man National Historical Park Visitor Center, Hartwell Tavern, North Bridge Visitor Center, and the Concord Museum:  http://www.nps.gov/mima/planyourvisit/upload/MIMA%20Park%20Map.pdf

      Possible Monday, April 14th Itinerary:
       8:00AM - Leave Bridgton (bus or driving, although we may all be driving if not enough people sign up for the bus, which would be too bad because then there will be a lot of cars for each place, and more of a worry if everyone makes it to each activity and on time).
      11:00AM - Arrive Lexington Battle Green
      We could have someone give us a presentation about the battle green, however, it would cost $50 an hour. http://www.tourlexington.us/tours.html  If enough people go it could possibly be $1-$2 per person, but won't know until people sign up.  We could also just stretch our legs and look around.  We could also have lunch or snack here.
      11:40AM - Leave Battle Green

      12:00PM - Arrive at the Minute Man Visitor Center and watch the movie "Road to Revolution".
      12:45PM - Arrive at the Hartwell Tavern for the education program:
                          "Rebels, Redcoats, and Homespun Heroes"
      http://www.nps.gov/mima/forteachers/rebels-redcoats-and-homespun-heroes.htm  This program is $150, which would be divided among whoever wants to participate.  If we have 30 people it would cost $5 per person, etc.  If you commit, you will need to pay in advance, and your fee may be nonrefundable (so others won't have to unexpectedly pay more to cover the difference).
      1:45PM - Finish program

      2:00-2:15PM - Arrive at the North Bridge Visitor Center for an 8 minute film & see exhibit materials.  Take self-guided tour of the North Bridge.  This is free.  For more resources on this, please go to http://www.nps.gov/mima/forteachers/who-shot-first.htm
      3:00PM - Leave North Bridge

      3:15-3:30PM - Arrive at Concord Museum
      Can give us a 1 hour simplified hands-on program that makes Revolutionary War Connections.  Three (3) stations:  1) Museum exhibits, 2) Hands-on replicas (ex. powder horn), and 3) Replica clothing that can be tried on.  $7 students and adults.  One free adult for every 10 students.  The free adults will be a drawing.  http://www.concordmuseum.org/student-tours.php
      4:30PM - Leave Concord Museum

      Dinner at a local church, or possibly going to a restaurant.
      Then go to hotel in Danvers, MA (least expensive hotel in the area with amenities).

      Then onto Boston on Tuesday for the Freedom Trail!

      If you have any questions, please let me know.  I need to know right away if you are interested, so reservations can be made.  Was hoping to have this all scheduled by the end of January.  Thank you!  Nancy


      Hi all!  Below is a possible itinerary for the Boston trip, scheduled from April 14-16, 2014.  You could come for 1, 2, or 3 days, depending on the number of people.  On Tuesday or Wednesday you could take the train in for the day.  Below the itinerary are questions you would need to answer for me.  Below the questions are many details.

      Please consider planning on what you would do, if your family decided to go, so all the details could be planned, hopefully by the end of the year.

      You don't need to do everything on the itinerary, you may just want to hang out in Boston.  If you wanted to take the bus, but only wanted to stay 2 days, if we had enough people to take 2 buses it may be an option for one of the buses to return on Tuesday.  Won't know until people sign up.  The cost of the bus won't change, as they have given us a very good deal.

      If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Thank you!  Nancy

      Boston Trip Itinerary

      Monday, April 14, 2014
      Take the bus, or drive to the Minuteman National Historical Park in Concord, MA.  Arrive around 11:00AM.  Bring lunch.
      Participate in the "Rebels, Redcoats, and Heroes" program.
      Walk and self guided tour of the North Bridge.
      Participate in the hands-on program/or self guided tour at the Concord Museum.
      Drive through Lexington to Danvers, MA (hotel).
      Possibly church dinner.

      Tuesday, April 15, 2014
      Freedom Trail Walking Tour-
            A 90 minute tour with the Freedom Trail Foundation for $10 per person?  OR, a 60 minute tour with a Park Ranger for Free?

      Stopping at the Old South Meeting House?
      Stopping at the Old State House?
      Stopping at the Paul Revere House?
      Stopping at the Old North Church?

      In the afternoon:
      Going to Charlestown to stop at the Bunker Hill and/or USS Constitution? OR
      Going to the Aquarium?  You could actually spend the whole day at the Aquarium if you wanted, as long as at least 10 people want to.

      Dinner near hotel.
      Back to hotel.

      Wednesday, April 16, 2014
      Museum of Science
      Duck Tour

      Boston Trip Questions

      Please answer with the number of people, and ages of children:

      How long are you planning on going? 1, 2, or 3 days?

      Transportation:  Bus, (can't tell you the cost until more people sign up), the Downeaster (for a day trip), or drive?

      If staying more than one day do you need a hotel?  Can get here only if you take the bus or drive.

      Participate in the "Rebels, Redcoats, and Heroes" program?
      Participate in the hands-on program, or self guided tour, at the Concord Museum?

      Participate in the Freedom Trail Walking Tour?
        If so, the 90 minute tour with the Freedom Trail Foundation for $10 per person?
            OR, a 60 minute tour with a Park Ranger for Free?

      Are you interested in going into the Old South Meeting House?
      Are you interested in going into the Old State House?
      Are you interested in going into the Paul Revere House?
      Are you interested in going into the Old North Church?

      Are you interested in going to the USS Constitution? OR
      Are you interested in going to the Aquarium?

      Are you interested in going to the Museum of Science?
      If so, do you want any extras, such as the Planetarium, IMax?
      Are you interested in a Duck Tour?

      Boston Trip Details

      Downeaster - http://www.amtrakdowneaster.com/schedules
      Families can go to Boston either Tuesday and/or Wednesday.
      Need 15 people, then the cost would be $18 per child, and $50 per adult.  There is also the opportunity for an adult to be $18 for every 3 students, grades K-5, and an adult to be $18 for every 6 students, grades 6-12.  We would need to pick one of the following trains (both going and returning).
      Trains leave Portland at 5:20AM, arrive in Boston at 7:50AM, or
      Leave Portland at 8:00AM, arrive in Boston at 10:30AM
      Then leave Boston at 5:00PM, arrive Portland at 7:35PM, or
      Leave Boston at 5:40PM, arrive Portland at 8:10PM.
      We would need to submit a request, and see if there is room on the train.  The sooner the better.

      Bus - Bayles Tours & Charter Bus Service
      Leave Maine early Monday AM, arrive back on Wednesday evening
      They have a 55 person bus and/or a 47 person bus.
      $1,854 + hotel for driver = $2,021.56 /55 people = $36.76 per person
      $1,854 + hotel for driver = $2,021.56 /47 people = $43.01 per person
      $4,043 /102 people = $39.64 per person
      The cost is for all 3 days.  If the buses are not full, then it would cost more per passenger.  They also suggest a tip of $2 per person, per day.
      If we have enough people that we take 2 buses, and a lot of you want to only do 2 days, then one of the buses could return on Tuesday.  The cost of the bus wouldn't change though, as we were given a great deal.

      Comfort Inn North Shore - http://www.comfortinndanvers.com/index.php
      Least expensive outside Boston.  Inquired at many a hotel, this was the cheapest, and includes a hot breakfast from 6:30AM-9:30AM.  They also have an indoor swimming pool, and the rooms include a refrigerator and microwave.  Cost is regularly $109-119 at this time, they will let us have 10+ rooms for $75, plus tax, which comes to $83.78 per night.  Two (2) double beds, up to 4 people.  Can have 1 cot in room for $10 per night.

      Monday, April 14th
      Leave Maine by bus at 8:00AM at Bridgton or S. Paris (not sure yet) - arrive Concord, MA around 11:00AM.  Bring a lunch.

      Minuteman National Historical Park in Concord, MA
      "Rebels, Redcoats, and Homespun Heroes
      Program is 1 1/2 hours, and costs $150. $5/person for 30 people, $3/person for 50 people, etc.  There is also an activity guide you can download.  The program could start at 12:00PM.

      Walk and self guided tour of the North Bridge.

      Concord Museum. - http://www.concordmuseum.org/student-tours.php
      Can give us a 1 hour simplified hands-on program that makes Revolutionary War Connections.  $7 students and adults.  One free adult for every 10 students.  Or we could do a self guided tour for $5/children, $7/adults.

      Possibly drive through Lexington on our way to the hotel in Danvers.

      If enough people were interested, I would inquire at a church to possibly have an inexpensive church supper held for us.

      Tuesday, April 15th
      Take a Freedom Trail Tour w/ the Freedom Trail Foundation - http://thefreedomtrail.org/book-tour/school-tours.shtml  90 minute tour with an 18th century costumed guide.
      Start at the Boston Common Visitor Info Center.  See 11 of the 16 sites.  Stop at the Granery Cemetary.  $10 per person for 1st 20 people, $9 for each after 20. One free adult for every 10 students.  The people who sign up first will get the $9, if possible.  The free spots will be a drawing.

      OR the National Park Service in Boston to do a FREE 60 minute Freedom Trail Tour.  They wouldn't have a person in costume giving the tour, but rather a Park Ranger.  It would still be an educational tour.

      I would probably set up a tour for both the Freedom Trail Foundation Tour AND the National Park Service Tour.

      Visit the Paul Revere House - http://paulreverehouse.org/teachers/programs.html
      30-45 minutes.  Introduction in the courtyard, then tour house.
      .75/children, $3/ adults

      Visit the Old North Church - http://oldnorth.com/educational-programs/
      Just do the Freedom Trail Drop In - $1 per person 10-30 minutes

      Visit the Old South Meeting House
      Tea is Brewing! Program. Kids get to play the parts of the Patriots and Loyalists, as they recreate the tea tax debates.
      1 hour. $8 per person, under 7 may be pro rated.  2 adults free for every 10 students.  Free adults would be a drawing.
      Or we can explore on our own for $4 per person.

      Visit the Old State House - http://www.bostonhistory.org/?s=osh&p=groupvisit#studentYouth - The self-guided tour.  30-45 minutes  $2/children, $5/adults.

      Downtown Boston Freedom Trail


      In the afternoon we could go to Bunker Hill and visit the USS Constitution OR the New England Aquarium.
      Bunker Hill Museum- http://www.nps.gov/bost/historyculture/bhmuseum.htm

      Tour the USS Constitution for free.
      USS Constitution Museum http://files.usmre.com/4172/Group%20Brochure%20-%20USS%20Constitution%20Museum.pdf

      New England Aquarium - http://www.neaq.org/visit_planning/index.php
      10+ people, $19.95/Adults, $11.95/Children 3-17, Saving $5 per ticket

      Somewhere for dinner.  There is an Italian restaurant in front of the hotel.  http://www.calitris.com  They could possibly offer us a good discount.
      Back to hotel in Danvers

      Wednesday, April 16th
      Museum of Science - http://www.mos.org/field-trip-activities 15+ people
      $7.50/student, first parent in family is free, additional parent $4.
      Additional programs (Omni, Planetarium) $3 each

      Duck Tour - http://bostonducktours.com/tour.aspx
      The duck tour prices (www.bostonducktours.com, for 20+ people in a school group, (prices include tax and gratuity), are Adults:  $27.83, Children 12+:  $25.73, Children 3-11:  $21.53, and Children 0-2:  $12.08.  We also wouldn't have to pay any of the fees to get the tickets over the phone, or online.