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  • Lisa Berry
    Nov 22 12:33 PM
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      Earlier this past spring the Maine legislature was working to change the compulsory attendance age. At that time, the attempt was to lower it to age 6 and increase it to age 19. 

      On Monday a new bill, LD 1530 will be going to a work session - a step before being proposed for a bill. The attempt this time is to drop the age to 5. 

      I actually get quite a kick out of the name of this proposed bill....

      "An Act To Establish a Process for the Implementation of Universal Voluntary Prekindergarten Education"

      Considering that the compulsory age of attendance will be changed, there is nothing voluntary about this bill.

      This link will take you to the actual text of the bill:

      While it appears it may not have a direct on families filing a Letter of Intent, it WILL affect any family schooling under Option 2 as they are viewed as private schools in the states eyes. 

      All this to say, I personally don't feel it's a good idea for ANY five year old child to be made to sit in a schoolroom. I certainly don't feel it's the government's decision either. But I won't get on my soapbox too long. 

      Please read the bill. Do some research. Make a call to the reps if you wish to express your opinion on the bill. The work session is scheduled for Monday. Sorry for the late notice - it's been a bit crazy here this week.

      You can also read some info on HSLDA about their take on it. They also have provided the phone numbers so I won't repeat them here.

      Click on the links at the bottom for more information. 

      Thanks and please pass this along to anyone else - public or private or homeschooling - who may wish to know. Thanks!

      Lisa B.
      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
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