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1132Fwd: [WMH] Re: North Star Apple Orchard Tour

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  • Lisa Berry
    Oct 2, 2011
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      Ok, folks, this trip is tomorrow (the weather looks like it might be
      cooperative as of right now) and I have the following people signed up:

      Amanda B. plus 3

      Amy G. plus 2

      Beth H. plus 1

      Monica B � 5 or 6 coming

      Vicky M plus 6 (MAYBE, if baby is well)

      Janelle G. plus 2

      Kathy T plus 4

      If I have missed you here I am sorry. This is a free field trip but they
      may split the group if it is too large for one person to handle at a time,
      so please let me know if I missed you and you are planning to come OR if you
      have had a change of plans and are no longer planning to come (then we won't
      wait for you.)

      If you need to reach me in the morning you can call my cell: 992-6631.
      Actually, it would be great if you could each email me your phone number in
      case the weather turns disastrous.

      Thanks! Kathy T.


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