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Town Talk's Joke of the Day

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  • abn1_2000
    (Appologies if this appears Twice) In the Sept. 2, 2006 issue of the Alexandria Town Talk, it warned of the numerous Blog sites that are becomming popular. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006
      (Appologies if this appears Twice)
      In the Sept. 2, 2006 issue of the Alexandria Town Talk, it warned
      of the numerous Blog sites that are becomming popular. It warned
      that people can post anonymously to those and say anything. While
      that is a fact, the funny statement by the Town Talk was "blogs are
      merely opinion and are rarely ever aspire to any fair and balanced
      reporting of the news and issues of the day." The local news media
      would not know "fair and balanced reporting" if it hit them in the
      In the Fall of 2004, I offered the Town Talk and KALB photographs
      of Town of Ball equipment and employees, along with a DOC prisoner,
      working at Ball Mayor Roy Hebron's new homesite. along with
      handwritten signed witness statements. Later, this same information
      was offered to the North Side Journal. To this date, not one of
      those news agencies have requested to see that information.
      When offered to Town Talk reporter Billy Gunn, he informed me that
      this was over his head and that he would have to speak to his editor
      about it. No reply was received from Jim Leggett, of the Town Talk,
      when offered to him, in July, 2005. When offered to Robert Morgan
      of the Town Talk, approximately a month ago, he said he would have
      to think about it. Whn Babbs Zimmerman, of KALB, called be this past
      Spring, to discuss a court reuling, she laughed at me when this
      information was offered to her.
      When I related this story on the Cenla Antics Blog, in response to
      Michelle Goddard's assertations of what great reporting KALB does,
      an anonymous poster replied. That poster asked"where is the
      story"?. God help us if we depend on reporters who think that
      political corruption is not news. That person also stated that all
      of these matters have been investigated and dropped. That is simply
      not true. I guess somebody called Roy Hebron or his attorney, and
      they told them there was nothing to it. What other crimes do we not
      hear about in the press, because they called the accused and were
      assured there was no crime and the police had dropped the matetr?
      I find it reprehensible that a reporter would not even want to
      see such information. To not even look at it is incompetent. Many
      local news reporters are more interested in their self importance by
      moving in the same social circles of politicians, than in actually
      reporting the news to the public. We have all seen their reporting
      of incomplete facts, one side of disputed facts, and favoritism of
      certain local politicians over others. We are not fooled by their
      empty claims of "fair and balanced reporting". Prove us wrong by
      putting your print or talk where your mouth is. Until then, you do
      not deserve the titles of news or reporter.
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