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Re: Video camera for my Vanguard...

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  • Bill Barrere
    A thought Ed....... Something you might wish to try with your helmet camera. You can make a simple viewing frame (sight) mounted on the front of your helmet
    Message 1 of 20 , Aug 16, 2008
      A thought Ed.......

      Something you might wish to try with your helmet camera. You can
      make a simple viewing frame (sight) mounted on the front of your
      helmet which shows the view that your camera monitor is showing.

      You can bend a simple stiff wire rectangle and mount it on the
      front of the helmet in front of one eye. The dimensions of the
      rectangle will be determined by the distance from your eye to
      mounting point at the front of your helmet.

      By doing this, you will see exactly what your monitor is showing.
      Proper placement of the rectangle can be accomplished with a
      friend viewing the monitor as you look through the sight. An
      easy way is to stand facing a wall with a window. Move your
      location so the monitor views the dimensions of window. Without
      moving your head, adjust the sight so that you see the window
      as the monitor views it.

      In practice you should video whatever you view in your sight. It
      is a good idea to paint the wire flat black to avoid glare. Also,
      by placing the sight on the front edge of the helmet, it can be
      swung up out if view when not in use.

      Military helmets use this principal for many applications.

      Bill SFRR

      --- In CentralFloridaRecumbentRiders@yahoogroups.com, Ed Naramor
      <ednaramor@...> wrote:
      > Hi Pete,
      > I have found that the camera mounted on my Rans recumbnent
      handlebars did not suffer too much from shake, but when mounted on
      the computer post on the trike fhe shaking effect was pretty bad. I
      got around this on the trike by hand holding it. My only concern with
      the helmet mounted camera is that you can not see exactly what you
      are recording. I have this problen to some degree with my Aiptek
      because the monitor screen does not show up very well in the bright
      sunlight. I have missed some of the deer and other creatures we
      encounter on our rides in Florida. I have video of the event but the
      subject may be barely in view or in some cases not at all.
      > Ed
      > To: CentralFloridaRecumbentRiders@...: nunezgp@...: Fri, 15 Aug
      2008 14:27:02 -0700Subject: RE: [CentralFloridaRecumbentRiders] Video
      camera for my Vanguard...
      > Hi there Ed..!!
      > Hey thanks a million for the information that you provided...
      the link to your pictures is truly fantastic..!! I am currently
      experimenting with two cameras: the smaller one is a Canon PowerShot
      A560, this one is 7 megapixels and it takes fabulous video, however I
      have not tested it yet on the bike. The other video camera is a JVC
      Everio full HD video camera that quite frankly, I am not sure if I
      will be dumb enough to try... since this puppy is waaay too expensive
      and heavy to experiment with at the moment.
      > More than likely Ed, I'll have to go with the handheld technique
      that you and Bob Emeric have used...
      > I should have something rigged up for this weekend, and probably
      will be taking it to the Lake Minneola trail which is next door to
      where I live...
      > Thanks for the information Ed; I'll keep lookin' at your
      > Pete
      > --- On Fri, 8/15/08, Ed Naramor <ednaramor@...> wrote:
      > From: Ed Naramor <ednaramor@...>Subject: RE:
      [CentralFloridaRecumbentRiders] Video camera for my Vanguard...To:
      centralfloridarecumbentriders@yahoogroups.com, nunezgp@...: Friday,
      August 15, 2008, 12:10 PM
      > I Use an AIPTEK Model DZO-V58N. It is 5 mega pixels, takes video at
      30 fps and excellent stills. The auto focus and auto exposure work
      very well except when zooming. When zooming it does not stay in focus
      very well in the video or still mode. Overall I think it does an
      excellent job for a $125.00 camera. It has as built in charger and a
      separate wall charger. Video and still are downloaded easily with the
      supplied USB cable. I have put some pictures of the mount I use on My
      Rans Rocket and a hand held grip that I use when riding my Catrike
      Road. I was forced to come up with the handle bar mount when on the
      Rocket because it was not comfortable for me to ride with one hand
      and I seem to do more shifting on the Rocket than the trike. Here is
      the link to my flicker pictures. If you have any questions let me
      know. You can e-mail me or call 727-791-4547.
      > http://www.flickr com/photos/ 23138612@ N02/?saved= 1
      > Good riding, Ed Naramor
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    • Bob Emmerich
      Thanks for the compliment. It is much appreciated. I have Movie Maker also. Simple program that works well. I wouldn t want anything more complicated. As I
      Message 2 of 20 , Aug 17, 2008
        Thanks for the compliment. It is much appreciated.
        I have Movie Maker also. Simple program that works well. I wouldn't want anything more complicated.
        As I said before, the stability of the bike platform is going to help your confidence level. Get comfortable with handholding the camera before you do any extreme camera angles.
        Have fun.

        --- On Fri, 8/15/08, Pete Nunez <nunezgp@...> wrote:
        From: Pete Nunez <nunezgp@...>
        Subject: RE: [CentralFloridaRecumbentRiders] Video camera for my Vanguard...
        To: CentralFloridaRecumbentRiders@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Friday, August 15, 2008, 10:25 PM

        Hi there Bob...
              It's great to finally know who you are... your videos are fabulous.. thanks for the information provided. Even though I've been a Bent rider since 1994, I'm just getting started with this video thing. This is quite exciting, since I also just discovered that I have a copy of Microsoft Movie Maker...
          I'll keep everyone posted on the progress...
          Thanks again Bob,

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