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Expanding Programs of the Center

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Dear Center Participants, In the coming weeks and months we will be expanding the programs of the Center. What we all have in common, and why we come together
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2008
      Dear Center Participants,

      In the coming weeks and months we will be expanding the programs of
      the Center. What we all have in common, and why we come together as a
      community is the perspective of nondualism, of one absolute reality
      without a second, like the waves that are not separate from the
      ocean. Yet, we each have our own unique ways of approaching this in
      our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. The new programs will
      allow the sharing of specific practices that some of our Participants
      are actively living.

      Our morning program format (11:00-12:00) is working quite well, and
      as the saying goes, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Three days ago
      we had a long talk with the Cayo Grande Hotel management, and have
      worked out a quite amicable arrangement whereby we can use the room
      after our morning program for some of these expanded programs.
      Therefore, the cost of the room can come out of our regular program
      donations. In other words, we can offer these programs to ourselves
      without having to charge any fees or having to collect additional

      The concept is that one or another such program will happen
      approximately every three to four weeks. We'll let time and
      experience guide us in determining the frequency and nature of the
      programs. We'll start this process by having a kirtan
      (chanting/singing) program on Sunday, March 2, starting at 12:30 pm.
      We'll have the room until 3:00 pm, but our actual time will be
      decided once the kirtan gets started. The program will be facilitated
      by Faith and Tulsi, along with Faith's husband Gary. Please bring a
      tiny offering for veggie potluck, keeping in mind that we don't have
      lots of room, and don't want to end up with too much left-over.

      A few weeks later (date to be determined) Mike Beck will guide us in
      a drumming circle at 12:30. Carolyn Reynolds will have an ultra-
      beginning hatha yoga class designed especially for those of our
      Center with little or no experience (We want to talk with Felicia and
      Tammy about this as well, but we didn't want to wait in getting this
      announcement sent out). Swami J will do some longer guided
      meditations, up to an hour in length, as well as breath training.
      We're talking with some of the Course in Miracles people who view
      that process as one of nondualism about their offering a program for
      a couple hours approximately once a quarter. There will be more to
      come, and we'll of course let you know when we know.

      The spirit of these types of programs is to offer individual programs
      on a time-to-time basis. If any of our Participants want to do more
      of specific activities, the hope is that you will do so at the
      regular location of the program facilitator. For example, Faith does
      kirtan separately from the Center; Mike does drumming circles here
      and there; the hatha yoga teachers offer programs at the studios
      where they teach. Others of us offer various programs here and there.

      We are personally excited about these programs, and find great
      interest in others based on the individual conversations we've had,
      including with both Council Members and Center Participants. We will
      keep you updated on the programs and hope that you enjoy them.

      In loving service,

      Swami J
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