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UPDATE: Non-Dualism Conference: Sat, Feb 23, 8:30-5:00

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Dear Participants of the Center for Non-Dualism, Our 1st Annual Non-Dualism Conference is this Saturday, February 23. While the space is filling quickly, there
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2008
      Dear Participants of the Center for Non-Dualism,

      Our 1st Annual Non-Dualism Conference is this Saturday, February 23.
      While the space is filling quickly, there is still room for a few
      more people. If you want to come and are not registered, please do so
      by writing Conference2008@... If you have
      registered and will not be able to come, please let us know that as

      The location is the Senator Room of Ramada Plaza Beach Resort on
      Okaloosa Island at Fort Walton Beach.

      The program is coming together quite nicely and should be very
      insightful and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you.

      In loving service,

      Bill Campbell
      Swami Jnaneshvara


      DETAILS of the Conference:

      Saturday, Feb 23, 2008
      8:30 am – 5:00 pm
      Senator Room
      Ramada Plaza Beach Resort
      Okaloosa Island
      Fort Walton Beach, Florida
      Sponsored by the Center for Non-Dualism

      PRESENTATIONS: There will be a total of five presentations, with each
      presenter discussing three informative points or perspectives. The
      topics are from a wide range of areas, with each person explaining
      the practical relationship to Non-Dual perspectives and practices in
      daily life. There will also be a Panel discussion and Q&A session.


      8:30 Arrival at meeting room
      9:00 Introduction to morning programs
      9:15 Bill Campbell (30 minutes; then break)
      10:00 Debbie Bolender (30 minutes)
      10:45 Guided Meditation (30 minutes; then break)
      11:30 Swami J (30 minutes)
      12:00 Lunch
      1:30 Intro to afternoon programs
      1:45 Carolyn Reynolds (30 minutes; then break)
      2:30 Don Daniels (30 minutes; then break)
      3:15 Guided Meditation (30 minutes; then break)
      4:00 Panel Discussion and Q&A (45 minutes)
      4:45 Closing remarks
      5:00 End of conference
      7:30 Optional Dinner at Thai restaurant (or Indian)

      MEDITATIONS: There will be two guided meditations; one in the
      morning, and one in the afternoon.


      Bill Campbell (9:15)
      • Why would I pursue Non-Dualism?
      • How does Nondualism relate to religion?
      • How do I approach the study of these principles?

      Debbie Bolender (10:00)
      • How does the Nondual perspective relate to children and family?
      • How do I integrate deep practice and daily living?
      • How do I develop persistence or determination?

      Swami Jnaneshvara (11:30)
      • Theism, Atheism, and Non-Dualism
      • How do I contemplate? What are "great" contemplations?
      • What is shaktipat? How does it work?

      Carolyn Reynolds (1:45)
      • How can physical Yoga lead to direct Nondual experience?
      • What are the correlations between Nondualism and psychology?
      • How does one deal with doubts and laziness in spiritual practices?

      Don Daniels (2:30)
      • What are the various approaches to Nondualism? How do I choose?
      • What does sat-chit-ananda (existence, consciousness, bliss) mean?
      • What's the bottom line? What do I need to do for direct experience?

      LUNCH: Lunch will be available at the hotel restaurant. During the
      morning (by 9:30) we will each need to select from meals on the forms
      which are in our meeting room. The cooks will prepare our individual
      meals so that they are ready when we break for lunch at 12:00. We
      will each need to pay the Ramada directly for our individual meals.
      Having our meals prepared like this will leave us time for a walk on
      the beach after lunch and lots of time to enjoy one another..

      FEES: The conference is being offered in the traditional way of
      imparting these kinds of teachings. That is, there is no fee.
      However, we live in a very real world, even though it might
      ultimately be unreal in the Non-Dualistic sense. Therefore, we ask
      that you donate whatever you feel is an appropriate amount for a
      conference of this type. Your donations will most definitely
      determine the future of the conferences and the Center for Non-

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