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Sunday, March 15th: Phillip Ellis "Karma and how it can lead to happiness"

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    ***PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION.. EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 5, 2008*** (see below) Program Date: March 15, 2009 Program Time: 11:00-12:00 Fellowship: 10:30-11:00;
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      ***PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION.. EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 5, 2008*** (see below)

      Program Date: March 15, 2009
      Program Time: 11:00-12:00
      Fellowship: 10:30-11:00; 12:00-12:30
      Website: http://www.centerfornondualism.org/

      SPEAKER and TOPIC:
      Phillip Ellis: "Karma and how it can lead to happiness"

      Phillip has long held an innate passion for working with people to inspire activism in creating a better community. This passion originally led him to work in the environmental field with an education in Marine Biology. During his professional career as an integral part of a local non-profit organization he witnessed, firsthand, the importance of impacting peoples' lives through community outreach and development. Recently, through his discovery of Yoga philosophy Phillip has refocused his talents for educating the public on difficult issues and facilitating community development in a new direction. Over the past few years he has intensely devoted himself to studying one of the oldest yogic lineages under Dandi Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati who is renowned for his deep, experiential understanding of this Himalayan Tradition. Phillip has dedicated himself to learning and practicing these teachings which he believes can empower individuals with the knowledge inherent in themselves to profoundly impact their lives, their families and the community.


      Morning Satsang: From 9:30-10:30 (March 15th)
      Lessons from a Course in Miracles with Ray Jones
      Lesson 11: My meanlingless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.
      Lesson 12: I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

      Upcoming Speakers: (subject to change)
      March 22: Mike Beck
      March 29:Bill Campbell
      April 4: Mindy Broadstone
      Mindy will be leading an event this coming Friday for those interested contact her @ 850-217-3096
      or email mindiabroadstone@...
      Contact Mindy for details!

      When: Friday March 13, 2009 7 PM

      Where: 61 Ferry Rd. NE at the end of Hughes


      The Center for Non-Dualism is a community for people who share the
      Non-Dual perspective of Religion, Yoga, and Philosophy. The purpose
      of the Center is to maintain a loving fellowship and to provide a
      nurturing environment that is conducive to learning and experiencing
      the oneness of Non-Dualism.

      Non-Dualism is the orientation that there is one absolute reality
      without a second, and that each of us, although an individual person,
      is one with that reality, just as a wave is not separate from the
      ocean. The emphasis of our Center is on the practices such as
      contemplation and meditation which lead to the direct experience of
      this Non-Dual reality.

      Brooks Beal Center
      100 Beal Parkway NW
      Fort Walton Beach

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