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95Felicia McQuaid is Director

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  • centerfornondualism
    Jul 28, 2008
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      Dear Friends,

      We enthusiastically announce that Felicia McQuaid is now the third
      Director of the Center. We are extremely grateful to Felicia her
      service to all of our friends at the Center and to the greater
      community. As Program Director, Felicia has already clearly
      demonstrated her willingness, passion and interest to provide the
      support that the Center requires, including the difficult task of
      scheduling over the past few months. Please welcome Felicia as

      As a reminder, we have included below some excerpts from the website
      outlining the organization of the Center.

      Bill and Swami J

      A Council of approximately twelve people serves as advisors for the
      Center for Non-Dualism, including three who are equal Directors of
      the Council, with no one of the three in charge.

      DIRECTORS: There are three Directors who share responsibilities. It
      is somewhat like having a presidential body of three presidents. They
      serve the roles of guiding, while are also actively involved in
      teaching and participating in the programs presented by the others.

      COUNCIL: The Council is the lifeblood of the Center. Together, they
      are the steady core group that holds the Center together. The Council
      is also like a ring in a set of concentric circles, and is the ring
      that brings a full presence of the Center in our greater community.
      Some of the Council Members are "doers" who "make it happen" on a
      regular basis, while others bring insight and support to the Council
      and the whole of the Center. The Council Members are most active in
      the weekly gatherings, whether making presentations, hosting, reading
      the statements of purpose and affirmations, or providing
      inspirational readings for the week.

      Bill Campell
      Carolyn Reynolds
      Debbie Bolender
      Faith McElroy
      Felicia McQuaid
      Joe Levine
      Mindy Broadstone
      Phillip Ellis
      Ray Jones
      Susan Bridwell
      Swami Jnaneshvara
      Tulsi Alden