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871000 trees for the 1st anniversary of the Center for Nondualism

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  • centerfornondualism
    Jul 8 6:40 AM
      Dear Friends,

      This month is the one year anniversary of the founding of our Center
      for Nondualism. In celebration, we have donated from your financial
      donations the planting of a grove of 1000 trees through Trees for the
      Future. These 1000 trees are estimated to remove 25 tons of carbon
      dioxide per year from the atmosphere for the 40 year life expectancy
      of the trees.

      Thank you all for your participation in the Center and for sharing in
      our collective purpose "... to maintain a loving fellowship and to
      provide a nurturing environment that is conducive to learning and
      experiencing the oneness of Nondualism."

      In loving service,

      Bill and Swami J


      Mission of Trees for the Future

      We are an agroforestry resource center helping people in developing
      countries improve their rural livelihoods through the introduction of
      environmentally sustainable land management projects focused on
      beneficial tree planting.

      Most communities around the world recognize that they need to plant
      trees on their degraded lands if they are to improve their lives. We
      provide technical knowledge on agroforestry and sustainable
      development, along with planting materials so that communitites can
      return their degraded lands and struggling farms back to sustainable

      Beneficial trees minimize soil erosion, supply forage for animals, and
      provide a source of fuelwood, but planting trees is difficult when the
      canopy has disappeared, topsoil has been eroded, and the climate and
      growing conditions have changed. Through our network of technicians,
      volunteers, and community leaders world-wide, our program reaches
      remote areas and gives local people the knowledge and ability to
      rehabilitate their environment.

      Since 1988, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities
      in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and
      their environment by planting nearly 50 million trees. We calculate
      that these trees remove approximately one million tons of CO2 from the
      atmosphere each year.

      We are also active locally, educating students and communities about
      global issues, our role in the environment, and energy efficiency.