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214Sunday, March 28th: Ken Roman "Creating Health & Wellness"

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  • centerfornondualism2
    Mar 24, 2010
      Center for NonDualism
      Program Date: March 28, 2010
      Program Time: 11:00-12:00
      Fellowship: 10:30-11:00; 12:00-12:30
      Website: http://www.centerfornondualism.org/

      SPEAKER and TOPIC:
      Ken Roman: "Creating Health & Wellness"
      Ken is an instructor of Meditation, Yoga, Qi -Gong, and Tai-Chi.
      Kenneth began his holistic path with an interest in the body mind
      connection. The fulfillment of life purpose, stress release, and a
      quest for self -realization all played key roles in his personal
      search for understanding. He began a meditation practice in 1973,
      which led him to certify as a teacher with Dr. Deepak Chopra. Through
      the study of martial arts, Kenneth attained a fourth degree Black
      belt from Grand Master Lawrence Day in association with Grand Master
      Ernie Reynolds . He has maintained a continuous practice of Tai-chi
      and Qi-gong, and has received his teaching certificate from Grand
      Master Lawrence Day. The continued practices have led to Yoga and
      other energy balancing techniques. He has incorporated these into his
      teaching curriculum. He continues to teach, lecture, and facilitate
      workshops across the country.

      9:15-9:30 fellowship and help set-up

      INTERACTIVE PROGRAM (9:30-10:30):
      (Time is limited, program will begin promptly at 9:30)
      Hatha Yoga with Felicia McQuaid

      This will be very basic and will allow all Center participants,
      including those with no prior experience, to experience the physical
      and meditative benefits of Hatha Yoga. It can be an extremely useful
      part of the journey to NonDual realization.
      Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat or large blanket to practice with.

      Upcoming Speakers: (subject to change)

      April 4th: Ray Jones


      The Center for Non-Dualism is a community for people who share the
      Non-Dual perspective of Religion, Yoga, and Philosophy. The purpose
      of the Center is to maintain a loving fellowship and to provide a
      nurturing environment that is conducive to learning and experiencing
      the oneness of Non-Dualism.

      Non-Dualism is the orientation that there is one absolute reality
      without a second, and that each of us, although an individual person,
      is one with that reality, just as a wave is not separate from the
      ocean. The emphasis of our Center is on the practices such as
      contemplation and meditation which lead to the direct experience of
      this Non-Dual reality.

      Brooks Beal Center
      100 Beal Parkway NW
      Fort Walton Beach