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    Cadence Irish Dance Theater presents The Dancing Warrior WHEN: Sunday June 5, 2005, 3:30 p.m. WHERE: Chandler Center for the Arts 250
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      Cadence Irish Dance Theater presents "The Dancing Warrior"

      WHEN: Sunday June 5, 2005, 3:30 p.m.
      WHERE: Chandler Center for the Arts
      250 N. Arizona Avenue
      Chandler, AZ 85225

      Ticket/Reservations Call: 480-782-2680 or www.chandlercenter.org
      $20.00 Adults, $15.00 Seniors & Students (13 - 17),
      $10.00 Children, $12.00 Group Rate (12 or more)

      "Arizona now has the Cadence Irish Dance Theater, the first
      production company of its kind here, which is staging original
      dramatic productions with a large cast of talented, youthful

      The energetic production, created and staged by Maire Clerkin of
      London, is based on an ancient Celtic legend about two lovers trapped
      in a Romeo & Juliet-like scenario who must overcome daunting
      obstacles in order to be together. Through the heart-quickening use
      of Irish foot percussion and graceful ballet movements, the story
      unfolds with rich Irish music and a voice-over narrative that helps
      lead us through the twists and turns of the plot.

      Although the performers never speak or sing, the action is
      mesmerizing as it describes the characters in the village, the king
      and his attendants, and the rivalry of Forgall, and Cuchulainn.

      The technical skills of the company are impressive. Dancing maids and
      fierce guards make appearances, along with The Pixies, three
      Munchkin-like girls who fairly steal the show early in the second act
      with their adorable dancing and tumbling.

      The authentic Irish voice of Bronagh Powell, provides the voiceover,
      and the music and costumes combine with the dancing to create a
      thoroughly enjoyable performance.

      Although Cadence Irish Dance Theater is still young, its first-ever
      production is worth seeing, and will undoubtedly lead to more
      Performances, bringing a rich new kind of cultural entertainment to
      the Valley."

      Kate Fitzgerlad
      Editor-in-Chief, Arizona Woman magazine
      From Press Release


      Contact Leah Powell, President

      The newly formed Cadence Irish Dance Theater has produced an
      original dance and theater composition based on an ancient Celtic
      tale. Imagine combining the breathtaking foot percussion of Irish
      Dance with a tale of love, jealousy, cunning, and mystical power.

      Though Cadence is a new dance group, it is not short on talent or
      experience. The dancers are aged 8 to 23. All of the dancers have
      distinguished themselves in numerous competitions and several of
      them have just returned from the World Championships in Ireland.

      The Artistic Director and Choreographer, Máire Clerkin, helped
      Cadence. Born in London, of Irish parents, Máire Clerkin lives in
      Los Angeles and tutors for the LA Music Center. She judges Irish
      dance competitions nationwide and is, herself, an accomplished
      dancer. Recently, she went on national tour with Tomaseen
      Foley's "A Celtic Christmas". She has choreographed for performances
      at the Royal Opera House and Royal Festival Hall in London, and the
      Radio City Music Hall in New York. Her experience also includes the
      direction of her own Irish dance theater company, Clerkinworks, as
      well as work on "Dancing on Dangerous Ground" with Jean Butler and
      Colin Dunne. Máire Clerkin's vision for Cadence is to bring a rich
      new form of Irish Dance to a wider public and unleash the thrilling
      potential of its young performers.

      Take all of this talent, experience, and youthful enthusiasm, add an
      ancient tale, and you have the Cadence production of "The Dancing
      Warrior". Like Romeo and Juliet, lovers Cuchulainn (pronounced
      Cookullen) and Emer come from families at war. Between her father's
      evil plan and Emer's tough demands, our hero seems doomed. This
      ancient Celtic legend is full of celebration and fighting, loyal
      friends and scheming enemies, formidable soldiers, powerful witches
      and mischievous pixies.

      Cadence Irish Dance Theater goes beyond the familiar to bring you a
      highly creative, original style of show. Audiences of all ages are
      treated to a gripping story packed with vivid characters. The plot
      is woven into a tapestry of traditional Irish and contemporary
      dance. This company of prize winning Irish step dancers treads new
      territory in its bold, beautiful, heart-beating Irish dance drama.
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