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  • Velvet
    Dear Celtic Cafe friends and visitors, I have been informed that visitors to the Celtic Cafe website have found the inability to click the Back button and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2001
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      Dear Celtic Cafe friends and visitors,

      I have been informed that visitors to the Celtic Cafe website have found the
      inability to click the "Back" button and return to the page they were from
      quite irritating and frustrating. Please note that I, being the webmaster
      THE SITE.

      When Celtic Cafe began, it was a simple website that featured the latest
      information about the Celtic dance shows. Information was very easy then to
      change on a daily or weekly basis. As the Celtic Cafe grew larger with more
      visitors, friends and colleagues, so did the information. Soon, the Celtic
      Cafe was no longer just featuring information on the dancers, Michael
      Flatley, Colin Dunne, or the latest dance shows, we were also featuring
      singers, music groups, books, and more. Thanks to Alex, we were even
      featuring UP TO DATE TOURDATE INFORMATION not found anywhere else. Visitors
      to the Celtic Cafe grew from the hundreds to the thousands, thanks to your
      patronage and referrals.

      However as the site evolved, so did the need to find a way to allow key
      people like Alex, Bernadette or myself, to add static or ever-changing
      information on the main page without having to go in and redo the entire
      page each and every time. A few months ago, we began including "server-side
      includes" onto the main Celtic Cafe page - pieces of HTML that can be
      reused or updated without having to go into the main page and rearrange
      everything else. Often, with many people accessing the pages, these same
      pages may be accidentally altered or even deleted.

      This ability to replace information on a daily, even an hourly basis, is a
      VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE of the Celtic Cafe information infrastructure. This
      is the reason why majority of people return to check out the site's content.
      This method allows the TOURDATES, which to me are one of the most important
      features of the Celtic Cafe, to be updated constantly without any additional
      work for Alex, Bernadette or myself, who manage the Celtic Cafe as

      If ever you find that your browser is "trapped" in the Celtic Cafe website
      and unable to return to the site that referred you to us, there are 2 ways
      to remedy this problem:

      1) You can click the BACK button twice and it may take you back to the
      referring website.

      2) On Internet Explorer, right-click on the downward arrow alongside the
      BACK button and a list of all the pages you have just visited will be
      displayed. Scroll your mouse down to the referring page, and you will be
      returned to where it is you wish to be.
      On Netscape Explorer, click on the the GO button on the toolbar at the
      top and it will also display the sites you have just visited.

      We hope you have enjoyed your visit at the Celtic Cafe website and if there
      are any more problems, address your comments to me, Velvet at

      Yet we hope that with your understanding, the following announcement is
      enough to allay your fears about the Celtic Cafe "trapping" you into the
      website. This has never been our intention and we hope that in the future,
      we can further evolve the design of the Celtic Cafe without any more
      problems to you.

      Velvet Durano
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