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Re: Jean Butler and The Chieftains

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  • Gérard Morvan
    ... I may be wrong but as the CD was recorded in 1991, this may be the ... recording I ... Well, I don t know if it s the earlier cd she recorded (you can also
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2000
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      --- In CelticCafe@egroups.com, dherzner@a... wrote:
      I may be wrong but as the CD was recorded in 1991, this
      may be the
      > earliest recording of Jean dancing. If anyone knows of an earlier
      recording I
      > would like to here about it.
      > Oh, the rest of the CD was great too.
      > Later,
      > dherzner
      Well, I don't know if it's the earlier cd she recorded (you can also
      hear her taps on the last track of the Chieftains album The Long
      Veil, the strangest recording of the Rocky Road to Dublin ever made,
      with the Rolling Stones, no kidding), but it's not the earliest video
      she did (yes, An Irish Evening is also available on video). The
      earliest video I'm aware of is the Ten Toe Percussion Ensemble video,
      recorded in 1988. There she danced with her teacher, Donny Golden,
      under music played by Joannie Madden (leader of Cherish the Ladies)
      and no less than Eileen Ivers. You can get that video (NTSC ad PAL)
      for $ 50 with Ira Bernstein (the originator of this show, which
      featured some of the best percussive dancers in the world, including
      himself and Brenda Buffalino) at IraTenToe@.... Believe me, it's
      worth the money. If you want to go further, watch also Ira Bernstein:
      Live! at der Alte Oper, in which Ira Bernstein gives some great
      performances showing his mastery of a wide array of percussive
      from classic taps to irish stepdancing, from english clogging to
      appalachian flatfooting, from Quebec stepdancing to south african
      gumboot dance (no kidding here either). Hope this helps.

      Gérard Morvan (wish that Celtic Electric was commercially
      available as
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