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Celtic MP3s Music Magazine - Top Celtic CDs of 2010, Ireland Beautiful

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  • Marc Gunn
    CELTIC MP3s Music Magazine Changing the way you hear Celtic Music January 2, 2011 -- 21,000+ subscribers HIGHLIGHTS... - Top Celtic CDs of 2010 - Ireland Will
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      CELTIC MP3s Music Magazine
      Changing the way you hear Celtic Music
      January 2, 2011 -- 21,000+ subscribers

      - Top Celtic CDs of 2010
      - Ireland Will Never Be As Beautiful As It Will This Summer
      - Celtic Podcast Wins in Podcast Awards Two Years in a Row
      - Podcast is 9 Short of 1000 Fans on Facebook
      - Attention Celtic Writers!
      - Rate Your Celtic iMix
      - Celtic Music Headlines for December
      - Celtic Music CD Store Presents
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      Greetings Celtic Music Lovers,

      Happy New Year!

      Can you believe it? We made it through another year.
      And I gotta say I am excited about the year to come.

      I recently subscribed to the Irish Music Magazine,
      a well-done print magazine that offers a ton of CD reviews
      and features of traditional Irish music groups.
      I highly recommend it.

      However, when I read my first issue I saw very little
      about any of the Irish and Celtic music groups here in
      the States... And there are a LOT of 'em here.

      I've decided that I want the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine
      to really take off this year. I'd like this site to be
      the place to go for Celtic music, particularly
      Celtic-American music. Sure we have over 20,000 people
      subscribed to this e-zine, but I think we can do better
      and grow bigger.

      So in 2011, I'd like the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine
      to celebrate the diaspora. Celtic music has moved from
      it's heart in Ireland and Scotland and been reborn,
      reinvented, and revived in North America as well as
      other places around the world.

      I hope you will show yopur support and join me in
      my efforts to keep my tagline relevant,
      "We're changing the way you hear Celtic music."

      Irish Music Magazine

      TOP CELTIC CDS OF 2010
      This was another great year for Celtic music. Celtic musicians
      from around the globe continue to release great Celtic MP3s
      through the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, and this year's CDs
      are incredible.

      If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m not into main-stream
      Celtic music. I like independent Celtic music… the kind of
      music you’re gonna find in YOUR hometown. It’s down-to-earth
      and filled with passion. That’s the reason it becomes more
      popular every year. True folk music isn’t about pomp and
      circumstance. It comes from the heart. It changes....

      Read the entire article:

      The Irish economy is fighting to stay afloat. The exchange
      rate has dropped a wee bit and Ireland needs your vacation.

      More importantly for you, don't you just want to see Ireland?
      Well, you can join me and a dozen other "Celtophiles" there
      this summer (June 13-20, 2011).

      Picture the texture of standing stones, the sounds of
      Irish fiddle, and the wet taste of Guinness on your lips
      and you're just beginning to understand how fantastic it
      will be next June when you join me on another
      Celtic Invasion of Ireland.

      Find all the details when you visit the website
      at http://celticinvasion.com/2010/03/celtic-invasion-of-ireland-2011/ .

      New MP3s
      A bunch of new MP3s will be coming in
      the next couple o'weeks. So stay tuned.

      New Articles
      Top 14 Celtic CDs of 2010, Top 10 Celtic Christmas
      Music Holiday Gift CDs, Scottish Christmas Traditions,
      Bodhrán Etiquette

      Song Henge Celtic MP3s
      This month's edition is now updated. Start downloading.

      Yes, we did! The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast won
      "Best Podsafe Music" in the Sixth Annual People's Choice
      Podcast Awards. I want to thank those who voted for our
      wee podcast. This win is for all Celtic music lovers

      You can see the other winners over at
      http://PodcastAwards.com/ .

      Meanwhile, it's time once again for the
      Irish & Celtic Music Podcast's "Best Celtic Music of 2010".

      Throughout last year, you voted for your favorite music
      from the podcast. All of the top voted songs will be
      featured this week in an extra long, special edition
      of the show.

      This is a show to remember. Don't believe me? Check out
      our past hour and a half long Best of the Year shows:

      I just checked the stats. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
      has 991 fans. That means, we are just nine people away
      from 1000 fans.

      C'mon. Show your support of Indie Celtic music.
      <Like> the page and then get involved. Once you are a fan,
      you'll get access to all the latest posts of the
      Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.

      Join the podcast page on facebook today. While you're there,
      let us know which are your favorite Celtic CDs of all time?

      You read the call. I want to pump up production of the
      Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. That means I need YOUR help.

      I'm looking for self-starters to write articles on Celtic
      culture, news, history, geneology, legends, stories and
      more. I'd also like to get a few more CD reviewers since
      I have a LOT of CDs to be reviewed before St. Patrick's Day.

      So please support your Celtic community and get involved.
      Contact your editor@... for more details.

      I haven't had a chance to update my Celtic iMixes.
      But many of you have yet to participate at rate our
      Celtic iMix on iTunes. We need your help.

      Follow the link and rate each of the iMixes on the page.
      Let's see independent Celtic music get the attention it
      so strongly deserves.

      Oh! And if you have a suggestion for the January Celtic iMix,
      please post it on our Facebook page. I need the artist
      and song name as it is listed on iTunes.

      One of the newest additions to the online magazine is
      Celtic Music News of the Week. Each Wednesday, I gather
      top news articles and blogs writing about Celtic music
      and share those top headlines with you.

      Here are some of the headlines from last month:

      Irish Music Association’s Online Voting for 2011 Award Nominations is
      Open Now...
      The Irish Music Association (IMA) will honor the “best of the best

      Celtic Music Secrets Revealed Through Stunning Technological Advances
      The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine continues to take
      Celtic music out of the pubs and into your inbox
      as it has done for the past ten years. …

      Tin Whistle – What is a Tin Whistle or Penny Whistle
      The tin whistle is a simple traditional woodwind instrument
      that is commonly found in Irish music and other genres
      of Celtic music. The tin whistle is also …

      IRISH MUSIC FESTIVALS 2011 | Ramblinghouse
      Dates for Irish traditional music and folk festivals
      and summer schools for 2011 .

      The Best Music of 2010
      The First Lady of Celtic Music and leader of Clannad,
      Brennan had access to the likes of Bono and Sinead.
      When the camera turned off, she added her ethereal...

      Looking at Cornwall « The Celtic Music Fan
      The Celtic Music Fan. Covering the music of Ireland,
      Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man,
      Galicia & Asturias.

      Visit www.celticmusic.org to find more great Celtic music CDs.

      “Scottish Pipes and African Drums” by Jimi McRae & Sam Okoo
      Get ready for something different! Piper Jimi McRae teams
      up here with Sam Okoo on the African drums for a blended
      sound that has good depth and a unique flavor. I enjoyed
      this unusual pairing very much. Although the mixing of
      the two may seem unorthodox, it really worked [read review...]

      “Another Round” by Stanley & Grimm
      Sean Brennan & Nikki Engstrom make up this New-England
      based Celtic band, and their musical talents are ample
      as soon as you have a listen. Brennan is a guitarist
      and singer and Engstrom is a fiddler. Their combined
      sound makes it hard to believe that there are only two
      musicians here. Many [read review...]

      “The Return Home” by Mithril
      There's a lot of music to like on this CD. Mithril
      classifies themselves as a Celtic/World music band,
      which is quite appropriate. You can hear influences
      of genres outside pure Celtic, but the underpinning
      of the album remains Celtic in nature. Interesting,
      without being too experimental for more [read review...]

      “Off The Wagon” by Seamus Stout
      I can't explain what it was about this CD that grabbed me
      exactly, but I really enjoyed the energy that Seamus Stout
      brought to the table here. What could have been just
      another compilation of Celtic music was transformed into
      something bigger and better by the conviction brought by
      the artists that [read review...]

      “The Well” by Jiggernaut
      Done well, mixing musical styles can be a beautiful thing,
      and I'm happy to report that this is a group that got it
      right. Jiggernaut describes themselves as a mix of
      "old and new, traditional and contemporary", and indeed,
      the description fits quite well. A very interesting CD,
      it really is different from the [read review...]

      “1,000 Feet Closer To Hell” by Jasper Coal
      It's almost funny to think that this band hails from Alabama.
      When you hear them you'd swear that they were straight from
      Ireland. This CD, 1,000 Feet Closer To Hell, is a high-energy
      ride that is perfect for those who love the likes of the
      Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly or other bands [read review...]

      Thanks again for subscribing to the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.
      I hope you enjoy all the new music.

      - Marc Gunn

      Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is a weekly publication by
      acoustic Celtic folk musician and podcaster Marc Gunn.
      The magazine promotes Celtic musicians worldwide,
      and you can help these artists:

      1. Visit the links provided
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      3. Order a CD, write, or donate to the band
      4. Forward this ezine to THREE friends
      5. Ask them to subscribe and help Celtic music grow

      Learn more about
      http://celticmp3s.com <-- Celtic MP3s Music Magazine
      http://marcgunn.com <-- Marc Gunn, Acoustic Celtic Folk Music

      Copyright 2000-2011 Marc Gunn

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