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    June 2010 Newsletter for the Steve McDonald Fan Club InboxX Reply |Daniel Bishop to undiclosedreci. show details 11:18 AM (33 minutes ago) Steve McDonald Fan
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      June 2010 Newsletter for the Steve McDonald Fan Club

      Reply |Daniel Bishop to undiclosedreci.
      show details 11:18 AM (33 minutes ago)

      Steve McDonald Fan Club Newsletter #55
      Sent June 1, 2010
      Music is the life of the soul,
      It is the harmony of the universe

      Dear friends and fan club family,
      It was wonderful talking with many of you at the Costa Mesa Highland Games last weekend...thank you so much for stopping by! A big WELCOME to those of you who signed up for this newsletter at the games!
      The Fan Club website has a new look. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I hope you all enjoy it.
      Also, if any of you would like to host a house concert for Steve, please get in touch with me at jackie@... and I will let you know what it entails. 
      Steve's wee newsletter blurb
      Doing 10 weeks in Europe from the end of June, bit of playing, alot of holidaying. Planning on taking new album to Germany where it will get released around November. Will have it available on the fan club site with a special price for members, just have to finish it first (minor detail)
      Oh well, back to the grindstone
      What's New?

      Check out the new website look! It's been remodeled.
      Does anyone have any ideas for something new?

      Steve's CDs are available on the website and through me. Please contact me at Jackie@... to order.
      If you live outside the United States, please contact Aquarius International Media to buy Steve's music - email Gunakar@...

      Check out www.myspace.com/stevemcdonaldfanclub and www.facebook.com and become Steve's friend! Thanks to all of you who have joined his group of friends and left comments on his wall!
      If anyone has an idea for something new to add to the website or MySpace and Facebook, please write to me and let me know at jackie@... .
      Contests! Contests! Contests!
      Let's get right to it!

      This Month`s Sweepstakes Winner:
      Our newest Sweepstakes contest winner is David Condoluci. Congratulations, David! You've won an autographed CD!
      Please contact me at jackie@... with your snail mail address and choice of Steve's CDs so I can send your autographed CD to you!
      Those of you who didn't win are entitled to a big, disappointed :::sigh:::. However, the good news is that a brand-new contest is already up and running at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com . Read the lyric excerpt, and name the song it is from to get your name in the drawing.

      So that was great news for David...but how about the rest of you, now that last month's sweepstakes is over? Well, those of you who didn't win should not despair: I've still got plenty of prizes, and I'm going to continue to give one away each month, which means more opportunities to win! So if you've been putting off entering, now is the time!

      There is a new song for the Sweepstakes!
      Here is the lyric:
      "And now the time has come
      When we must be on the run, my love and I…"
      And I bet those of you who have listened the Highland Farewell CD already know the answer! Best of luck to everyone who enters (I wish it could be all of you!).
      One entry is good for each monthly drawing, so if you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for?
      We'll be drawing a winner at the end of every month. But all of last month's contest entries have been tossed out. The first of each month the new sweepstakes starts. Go to http://www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com now and fill out the email form for a chance to win.

      If you want more information, all of the nitty-gritty details are on the website. Click on over to www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com , click on the Sweepstakes button, and get your name in the contest. Best of luck to you all!

      Forum & Topic of the Month:
      Please send in your ideas for our Forum!
      Please write in with any subject about Steve's music, or comment on any that are already up for discussion.
      We have a few subjects that you may add to, or send in your own thoughts!
      Our Forum is a section where members of the fan club can write on any relevant topic, such as Steve's music, concerts, albums, and what you would like on the website. The topics can be chosen by the fans themselves, and you could reply to each other's suggestions and opinions in a thread.
      Also, please keep those Forum Questions for Steve coming! He loves to hear from you, and answers all your questions. There are two pages on the Forum, one for questions for Steve (please keep your forum questions to only being about his music, albums and gigs/tours) and one for fan discussions.

      Check it all out at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com and click on the Forum.

      On The Road Contest News
      We need some more of Steve's fans to blow their own horn!

      The Steve McDonald On The Road Team is a very special group of Steve's listeners who help promote his music. I know through your e-mails to me that many of you are already doing this by telling friends about his music, posting about his music on message boards, and asking for his CDs in stores. Thank you all for your efforts! We're thrilled by your support, and I'd love to encourage you to continue to spread the word about his music. On The Road Team membership is open to all of his listeners, and benefits include your name listed on the front page of the On The Road Team section of the Fan Club website, and a chance to win autographed CDs in a monthly drawing for On The Road Team members only. Joining is easy...visit the On The Road Team section to see what you need to do. Whether you decide to join the team or not, we appreciate your support!

      Member Spotlight:
      Although "Member Spotlight" on the fan site is not actually new, it's been growing. You can post information about yourself and pictures of your pets there, so check it out and add yourself if you'd like!
      Join us! Join in the fun! Send in your pictures and tell us a little about yourselves for our Member Spotlight pages!
      We would really like to see some more new faces on our Member Spotlight pages! So please everybody, send in a picture and tell us a little about yourself. I know there are more fan club members out there besides the same familiar faces already on our pages! Please join us and say hello! Send us a picture and tell us about yourself! If you have ever seen Steve perform, or had your picture taken with him, please send that along, too!
      Check out the pages and please JOIN US!
      That's all for this month
      Please remember that Steve enjoys hearing from all of you, so be sure to send him an e-mail through the fan club at admin@... He has asked me to
      "Please assure people that I do read their letters and appreciate them very much."

      If anyone has time and would like to put in their two cents worth with suggestions for anything you would like to see in the club store or have added to the web pages, please email me at jackie@... . I am very interested in your feedback!
      And on a final note, feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and/or post it at Celtic friendly music stores on the Internet . Thank you for your support!
      Happy summer (I can't believe it's June already!), and happy summer listening!
      Slainte mhor agus a h-uile beannachd duibh!
      Good health and every good blessing to you!
      PS. Please don't forget to have a look at the attached PDF version of the newsletter, with the added pictures. I will also add it to the newsletter archive page
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