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    Newsletter Steve McDonald Fan Club Newsletter #25 Sent December, 2007 Dear Friends, Fans, and Family, Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 1, 2007
      Steve McDonald Fan Club Newsletter #25
      Sent December, 2007

      Dear Friends, Fans, and Family,
      Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid-Ul-Adha, the
      Wiccan Yule, or the Feast of the Saturnalius, this time of the year
      seems to bring out a common thread of fellowship and good will in
      people. Sometimes in this stressful, strife-torn world, we need to be
      reminded of the goodness that resides within all of us.
      I am putting together another flip book of Christmas wishes for
      Steve, from the Fan Club. Please send a picture and/or Christmas wish
      you would like to be included in the book. He really appreciated
      everyone's kind wishes on his birthday, and I am sure he would love
      this as well. So please be a part of this! Hurry and send your wishes
      to jackie@... The last date to be a part of this
      is December 20th.
      Etherean Music has a SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER for Fan Club Members! If
      you've been anxiously awaiting Steve`s next CD, or if you're looking
      for a unique gift for a special someone, scroll down to ETHEREAN
      MUSIC NEWS. They are offering Steve's Christmas CD, WINTER IN
      SCOTLAND: A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS for a special price! Time is limited!
      If you hurry, you can get them in time for the holidays!
      Don't forget to visit the Steve McDonald Website Store for other
      special gifts for the holidays! There is a new 2008 calendar--you can
      see each month's pictures at the store--posters, t-shirts, mugs,
      cards and other items of interest. Check it all out!
      Steve's wee newsletter blurb
      "Almost Xmas again, can't believe it, well I can believe it because
      it is!
      Still slugging along with the new album, inching my way through it,
      it's taking awhile but it's something you cannot hurry, it tells me
      when it's ready and I would say hopefully by end of march I should
      have it completed (famous last words).
      Anne Outterson from the club is posting a new video of me shortly
      which will be viewable on the club website and on U Tube looking
      forward to that. Take care, talk soon"

      Etherean Music News
      Etherean Music would like to wish everyone in the fan club very happy
      holiday preparations and celebrations. And we'd like to help provide

      Between now and December 17th, call Etherean Music toll free
      (1-888-384-3732), mention that you're a fan club member, and receive
      Steve's "Winter In Scotland: A Highland Christmas" for only $7.00
      (normally $15.98). These make great holiday gifts too so order as
      as you'd like.

      This year Santa's wearing a kilt. Steve McDonald, at his playful
      presents a sure Holiday classic. Special guest, 17-year-old "Album of
      the Year" nominee Hollie Smith, lends her graceful vocal stylings to
      Winter In Scotland -- a joyous blend of traditional favorites
      complemented by McDonald's award-winning Celtic flavor. Steve also
      contributes a magnificent new song (Christmas Time Again) celebrating
      this special time of year. From Bells to Bodhran, this is not your
      typical holiday album....dig out the mistletoe, hang the stockings,
      turn up the stereo...Steve McDonald just added a bit of spice to your
      holiday catalog!

      1. Silent Night
      2. Christmas Time Again
      3. Angels We Have Heard On High
      4. Good King Wenceslaus
      5. Little Drummer Boy
      6. Happy Christmas
      7. Oh Holy Night
      8. Amazing Grace
      9. O Come, All Ye Faithful
      10. The First Noel
      11. Deck The Halls
      12. Auld Lang Syne

      What's New:
      Bonus Tracks Music pages now contain The Message and Spinfield for
      your listening pleasure. Both of these albums are out of print at
      this time, but you can go to the website, and have a listen.
      Also, Anne Outterson has sent in a new video to Steve's "It's
      Christmas Time Again". Please check out the Christmas page and enjoy.
      There is also a video by Matt Tanner that he sent us last year.
      Please enjoy them both!
      If anyone has an idea for something new to add to the website, please
      let me know. Write to me at jackie@...

      Forum & Topic of the Month:
      Please keep those Forum Questions coming! Steve loves to hear from
      you, and answers all your questions. There are two pages on the
      Forum, one for questions for Steve (please keep your forum questions
      to only being about his music, albums and gigs/tours) and one for
      Topic of the Month.
      Congratulations to Brianna Soblewski for being the Forum Topic of the
      month winner for November! Please contact me at
      jackie@... with you snail mail address and your
      choice of Steve's autographed CD!
      This month's Topic of the Month is : "What is your favorite track
      from Steve's Christmas album Winter In Scotland: a Highland
      Please send your entries to jackie@...
      I will add last month's Topic of the Month to the archives.
      If any of you have any ideas for the Forum Topic of the Month, please
      write to me and let me know them.
      Check it all out at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com

      On The Road Contest News
      There were no new Roadies this month. So sadly, we have no winner for
      I know that everyone who loves Steve's music tells their friends
      about it, and shares his music. Write in and let me know, and I will
      post your stories, and enter you to win an autographed CD!
      The Steve McDonald On The Road Team is a very special group of
      Steve's listeners who help promote his music. I know through your e-
      mails to me that many of you are already doing this by telling
      friends about his music, posting about his music on message boards,
      and asking for his CDs in stores. Thank you all for your efforts!
      We're thrilled by your support, and I'd love to encourage you to
      continue to spread the word about his music. On The Road Team
      membership is open to all of his listeners, and benefits include your
      name listed on the front page of the On The Road Team section of the
      Fan Club website, and a chance to win autographed CDs in a monthly
      drawing for On The Road Team members only. Joining is easy...visit
      the On The Road Team section and click on "Invitation" to see what
      you need to do. Whether you decide to join the team or not, we
      appreciate your support!
      This Month`s Sweepstakes Winner:
      Congratulations to the November winner of the Sweepstakes contest—
      Brigitte Scheuplein! Brigitte has won an autographed Legend CD! If
      you'd like a chance to win next month's contest, sign up at
      www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com , click on Sweepstakes and keep your
      fingers crossed!
      Member Spotlight:
      Some wonderful fans have been good enough to send in their pictures
      and tell us a little about themselves for our Member Spotlight pages!
      Please click on over and meet them at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com !
      We would really like to see some more new faces on our Member
      Spotlight pages! So please everybody, send in a picture and tell us a
      little about yourself. I know there are more fan club members out
      there besides the same familiar faces already on our pages! Please
      join us and say hello! Send us a picture and tell us about yourself!
      If you have ever seen Steve perform, or had your picture taken with
      him, please send that along, too!
      That's all for this month
      Please remember that Steve enjoys hearing from all of you, so be sure
      to send him an e-mail at stevemcdonald@... He has asked
      me to
      "Please assure people that I do read their letters and appreciate
      them very much."

      If anyone has time and would like to put in their two cents worth
      with suggestions for anything you would like to see in the club store
      or have added to the web pages, please email me at
      jackie@... . I am very interested in your
      And on a final note, feel free to forward this newsletter to friends
      and/or post it at Celtic friendly music stores on the Internet .
      Thank you for your support!

      Virtual hugs to everyone who buys, listens to, and promotes Steve`s
      music, whether through word of mouth, or purchasing copies for
      friends and loved ones. Your support is truly treasured.
      One final Christmas reflection... When my kids were little, they
      asked me how Santa could get into the house (we had no chimney and,
      hey, this is L.A.--no one sleeps with the doors unlocked). I told
      them he that he was magic, and he"believed" his way in. They embraced
      that concept, and to this day, my kids "believe" their way in to the
      most amazing situations!
      May you "believe" your way in to your fondest dreams this holiday

      All Best Wishes,
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