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congrats steve mcdonald

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  • love_of_birds292003
    i can t bring up pictures here so be sure to check out www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com to see his new grandson. Newsletter Steve McDonald Fan Club Newsletter #15
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
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      i can't bring up pictures here so be sure to check out
      www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com to see his new grandson.


      Steve McDonald Fan Club Newsletter #15
      Sent February, 2007

      Dear Friends and Fan Club Family,

      Hello to you all!

      Welcome to all the new fan club members! This has been a banner month
      for website hits and contest entries, and it's been a challenge for
      me to keep up!

      And here's some wonderful news from Steve, and he's sent pictures to
      share, as well!

      Steve's wee newsletter blurb:

      "I've very little to say this month, only that I'm a proud grandad
      and as soon as he can sit up I'll be giving him piano lessons.

      The shot with me in it is the three generations, Me, my son Dan, and
      baby Lui.
      They are all well and happy. He's a cutey (just like his grandad).

      (pictures of the newest family member are at the bottom of the

      What's New:

      Baby Lui and Grandad have their own page!

      The Sweepstakes Entry Page is changed a bit, and now I am offering a
      choice of 3 different mugs for the contest winner to chose from!

      Check it out at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com .


      Let the fans know that Steve and Dik (producer) feel they
      are very close to having a great lineup of songs for the album. This
      the first step that needs to be finalized before arrangements and
      production can begin.

      Our webmaster is hard at work on the new site! We hope it will be up
      soon and we're excited about our new look,
      features and products.
      Meanwhile, we're available by email and phone to answer any
      Please contact us toll free at 1-888-384-3732
      or email us at contactus@... with your phone number,
      and we will call you.

      Many blessings from the Etherean family.

      On The Road Contest News
      Liann Dow of Bellingham, Washington, you are the winner of this
      month's On The Road Contest! Thanks for your support!
      Please contact me at jackie@... with your
      address, and let me know which of Steve's CDs you would like to have.
      The Steve McDonald On The Road Team is a very special group of
      Steve's listeners who help promote his music. I know through your e-
      mails to me that many of you are already doing this by telling
      friends about his music, posting about his music on message boards,
      and asking for his CDs in stores. Thank you all for your efforts!
      We're thrilled by your support, and I'd love to encourage you to
      continue to spread the word about his music. On The Road Team
      membership is open to all of his listeners, and benefits include your
      name listed on the front page of the On The Road Team section of the
      Fan Club website, and a chance to win autographed CDs in a monthly
      drawing for On The Road Team members only. Joining is easy...visit
      the On The Road Team section and click on "Invitation" to see what
      you need to do. Whether you decide to join the team or not, we
      appreciate your support!
      This Month`s Sweepstakes Winner:
      February's winner of an official Steve McDonald Fan Club Mug is
      Jachin Smith! Congratulations, Jachin! Please get in touch with me at
      jackie@... with your address and choice of mug,
      so I can mail it out to you ASAP!
      Those of you who haven't entered the contest yet should click on over
      to www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com and get your name in the drawing. You
      have another chance to win a mug at the end of this month.
      And to those of you who didn't win, Please try again!
      Hurry on over to the website at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com and get
      your name into the Sweepstakes drawing! Remember, there are more
      chances for those of you who haven't won yet! Best of luck to you all!
      That's all for this month
      Please remember that Steve enjoys hearing from all of you, so be sure
      to send him an e-mail at stevemcdonald@... He has asked
      me to
      "Please assure people that I do read their letters and appreciate
      them very much."
      Send a big "Congrats, Grandad!" to him!

      If anyone has time and would like to put in their two cents worth
      with suggestions for anything you would like to see in the club store
      or have added to the webpage, please email me at
      jackie@.... I am very interested in your
      And on a final note, feel free to forward this newsletter to friends
      and/or post it at Celtic friendly music stores on the Internet .
      Thank you for your support!

      Thanks to all of you who have written e-mails to me, and
      Best Wishes Always,
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