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Steve McDonald fan club newsletter

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  • granny grannys
    the news letter doesn t copy right with copy paste so go to: http://www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com thank you lynda roybal Newsletter Steve McDonald Fan Club
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
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      the news letter doesn't copy right with copy paste so go to:


      thank you lynda roybal

      Steve McDonald Fan Club Newsletter #8
      Sent July 1, 2006

      Dear Friends and Fan Club Family,
      ~ I hope you're having a wonderful summer, with lots of lazy time, listening to Steve’s music! Welcome to all our new members who signed up for the club on our website, and through our contests, or however you managed to get yourself on this list!

      There are a few new pages on the site, and I have a lot of plans for more fun filled pages over the next few months! So check it out now, but be sure to come back later, too!

      : * ` ` * : * ` ` * : * ` ` * :
      Here’s a wee blurb from Steve:
      "Many, many years ago, the king of Persia owed a man a huge favour, so he granted him anything that he wanted. The man however turned down jewels and riches and said all he wanted was food for his people. "How much food?" inquired the king. The man turned to a chess board nearby and said, "One grain of rice on the first square, double the amount on the second square, double that on the third square and so on until all 64 squares have there measure". The king laughed and thought “Fine, if a couple of bags of rice is all he wants then so be it.” But the wish was never completed. See how far you get adding it up. Cheers for now,
      : * ` ` * : * ` ` * : * ` ` * :
      What’s New:
      This month we’ve added some more items to the store. There are new t-shirts on sale now with all Steve’s album covers on them. If any of you out there have any ideas, or there is something you would like to see at the store, please let me know at jackie@....
      There are also some new Picture pages. Some you have seen, but there are a few you have not.
      For those of you who enjoy playing games, I have added new pages with crossword puzzles and word jumbles. You will have to print them out to play them. I hope you enjoy them.
      We’ve added a link to The Celtic Café so you can mosey on over there and see what‘s up. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to them, if you would like.
      And last, but certainly not the least, one of our members, Matt Tanner, has been kind enough to dress up our newsletters and make them something really special! So there is now a Newsletter Archive page for those of you who would like to look back on newsletters past, or for those of you who are new to us, and would like to catch up on your reading!
      So please feel free to check it all out at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com!
      : * ` ` * : * ` ` * : * ` ` * :
      Our Member Spotlight Page:

      I think one of the most exciting features on the website is our Member Spotlight page, because it's especially for us. We have done a lot of tricky programming to make these pages happen, and we're hoping you will think they are worth the effort! Here’s a few suggestions for your own Member Spotlight:
      Member Profiles - you can post information about yourself;
      Member Pictures - you can post one or more pictures of yourself, with friends, family or even Steve! (if you've happened to meet him at some event and had a camera handy), or with any one of his CDs (--show off your collection !)
      Member Pets - you can post a picture of your furry (or not-furry) loved ones. You do not have to put CDs in the picture with your pets--even though my own cats certainly enjoy good music, and I'm guessing most of your furry friends do, too. <grin>

      I know this a rather strange feature for a fan club site, but hey, Steve’s fans are very special to him, and to me, as well, so I figured you should be featured on our site, too. Especially because, while I love meeting all of you through your e-mails, this way we can all "meet" each other on the site!

      To add yourself to the Member Spotlight, just send your profile and/or picture to me at jackie@... . Please feel free to use just one suggestion or all of them when making up your profile. Once you send the information, it might take a few days to actually get it posted on the site, so I'm hoping that won't test your patience. Please let us know what you think of the Member Spotlight...you can reach me by e-mail at jackie@... . I can't wait to "meet" you all on Member Spotlight!
      And please check out the Member of the Month in a few days when I post Matt Tanner’s July newsletter in our new Newsletter Archive page!

      : * ` ` * : * ` ` * : * ` ` * :
      On The Road Contest News

      In case you're wondering what this is all about, the On The Road Team is a very special group of fans who help promote Steve‘s music. I know through your e-mails to me that many of you are already doing this by telling friends about his music, posting about his music on message boards, and asking for his music in stores. Thank you for your efforts! We’re thrilled by your support, and we'd love to encourage you to continue to spread the word about Steve‘s music. On The Road Team membership is open to all of Steve‘s fans, and benefits include your name listed on the front page of the On The Road section of the website, and a chance to win autographed CDs in a monthly drawing for On The Road Team members only. Joining is easy; just visit the On The Road section at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com and click on Please Come and Join The Fun to see what you need to do. Whether you decide to join the team or not, we appreciate your support!
      And now, the news you’ve all been waiting for! Drum roll, please!!!!
      Todd Anderson of Gresham, Oregon, you are the winner of Steve’s autographed CD this month! Please email me at jackie@... with you address, and let me know which of his CDs you would like to have.
      : * ` ` * : * ` ` * : * ` ` * :
      This Month‘s Sweepstakes Winner:
      July's Sweepstakes contest winner is Richard Smith of Provo, Utah. Congratulations, Richard! Those of you who haven't entered this contest yet should rush on over to the website at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com and get your name into the drawing! (Once you've already entered, though, please don't enter again.)

      : * ` ` * : * ` ` * : * ` ` * :
      That’s all for this month
      Please remember that Steve enjoys hearing from all of you, so be sure to send him an e-mail at stevemcdonald@... Steve says: “Thanks for the feedback, it's always good to hear that my music is reaching people no matter what level.”
      And please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and/or post it at Celtic friendly music stores on the Internet . Thank you for your support!


      I hope you're all looking forward to long, lazy summer days -- at least if you're in the part of the world where it's summer now...I do know some of you are in the middle of winter. As for me, I have a busy summer planned. We’ve just come back from Laughlin, Nevada and Lake Havasu City, Arizona with family, and in a couple of weeks the Bishops are off to Bishop, California for our anniversary--I won’t tell you how many years! ...and then, August 1st, we've got a trip planned to England and Scotland, visiting my pen pal in Bootle, and meeting Anne Outterson (a very special fan club member!) in York!
      Happy Summer To Everyone and
      Best Wishes Always~

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